Wrecked Cruise Ship, Costa Concordia, Slips. Search Suspended. UPDATES

16 01 2012

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BBC and SKY News report this morning that the divers have left the damaged luxury liner because it is slipping. NO images from the scene  on tv even though Italian tv has live images.


The rescue operation was called off mid-afternoon Monday after the Costa Concordia shifted a few inches (centimeters) in rough seas. The fear is that if the ship shifts significantly, some 500,000 gallons of fuel may begin to leak into the pristine waters around the island of Giglio.


TV Documentary to air Feb. 12 at 7p.m.  It will be on Nat’l Geographic channel

Jan.31   Rescuers permanently call off search for bodies on Costa Concordia

The islanders of Giglio are threatening to sue Costa Cruises and its US parent company because of fears the presence of the crippled Concordia liner will ruin their tourist season

fear cruise ship will break in two

Ship cruised too close to coast ’52 times’

 View (photo) of the wreck from space

List of missing Italy cruise ship passengers, crew

Many underwater PHOTOS 

Scary PHOTO set :  Escaping the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship

 Rescue PHOTOS     more PHOTOS   Hellish PHOTOS of what searchers face   Scary PHOTOS of lifeboat launching

risk of environmental disaster high

The Sydney Morning Herald is doing good continuous coverage of the disaster.

It appears the owners, Costa Crociere, are not blameless either –

Sailing close to islands ‘helps enrich product’: cruise chief

Italian Ship’s Operator Knew of Crisis

“ROME—Costa Crociere, operator of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia, learned the vessel was flooding from a collision off the coast of Tuscany within minutes of the accident and more than an hour before passengers were instructed to evacuate the ship, according to testimony the company delivered to the Italian Senate on Wednesday.”

We are blogging the updates since US TV is showing old footage with no new pictures.

Live Cam from Gilgio – link also shows the local weather

US TV not showing live images of the Costa Concordia cruise ship slipping and sinking lower in the sea.

Watch LIVE STREAM of Italian TV NEWS here – http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/7560.htm

More Italian TV stations on the webhttp://wwitv.com/television/104.htm

screenshot from RAI TV –  this picture to be updated later on this post – F.C.

MORE    on earlier post here


This image is from the first clip: (as YouTube is removing many great videos of this sinking ship). Click on image for full-size.

Inside Costa Concordia crash 2012 – water flooding / inundation – running to emergency exit

screen grab from youtube

WATER POURS IN – passenger video – http://youtu.be/YC-LMA5tbS4

From Jan. 14, 2 good reports from Russia Today –



 Aerial footage, news report today  –  http://youtu.be/eVKMJhr-6Nk

 French tv news report today  –   http://youtu.be/NJnYy62LLCM

Helicopter footage shows passengers snaking over the side – harrowing!  –  http://youtu.be/EZzJ85uWRfg

Callous Response by Ship Owner: 

‘Sue us if you want compensation’ Concordia survivors told

“Fernando Tofanelli, an Italian Argentinian student who lives in Surbiton, Surrey, asked the company for money to buy food and medicine, but says he was told he would not receive any kind of stipend unless he took legal action.

In a letter to Costa Cruises, he accused the cruise operator of “washing its hands” of survivors of the disaster, leaving them “destitute and traumatised”.

“Your representatives told us categorically, and a number of times that there would be no compensation, and that if we wanted to sue the company we would be most welcome to try. I found this response utterly disgusting,” he wrote…”


TV Documentary featuring lots of passenger footage:  the National Geographic  special “Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The Untold Stories”

The show’s video clips  are here –

There is also a torrent out of a documentary that aired Feb. 3rd from  The Fifth Estate: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7016964/The.Fifth.Estaste.2012.02.03.The.Wreck.of.the.Costa.Concordia.72

National Post Graphic: The final moments of the Costa Concordia

Mar. 6 News-    The European Commission has invited the industry, represented by the European Cruise Council (ECC) and Interferry, to participate in the review, which is already underway but has been accelerated by the recent Costa Concordia accident.

Mar. 25 – 5 Victims located beneath the ship. Only 2 missing left.

More than two months after the Italian liner, the Costa Concordia, hit rocks near the island of Giglio and sunk, 5 more bodies have been found. It brings the number of bodies recovered to 30 with 2 still missing and presumed to have drowned.
Salvage experts plan to use water-filled cisterns to weigh down the above-sea side of the cruise liner capsized off the Italian coast — part of an effort to turn the massive vessel upright so that it can towed for demolition early next year. One official on Friday called the operation’s magnitude “unprecedented.”
possible “many of the 32 lives lost in the accident, much the worst on a cruise ship in recent decades, could have been saved if the alarm had been sounded immediately.”
June 30 –  Ananias Family Recounts The Horror (with Video)

Passengers will be offered $14,400 each

July 4   CNN had a Costa Concordia tv special.  CNN Presents “Cruise to Disaster”
Aug. 14  (Giglio Island; August 14, 2012) – The Italian-American Consortium, TITAN/Micoperi, presented the detailed engineering and design plan for the removal of the wreck Costa Concordia to representatives from Osservatorio during a regularly scheduled meeting yesterday.
On Thursday NOV. 22, CNN will re-run their “Cruise to Disaster” documentary (again!) on the Costa Concordia. Thursday is an American holiday and it will probably air worldwide 🙂  It will be on in the evening at 9 p.m. EST.


Details and pictures here
Jan. 2015 – PBS Documentary – Sunken Ship Rescue < watch online

short link to this page –  http://wp.me/pA5vn-1cw

‘Mystery (California) Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test?

15 04 2011

This rumor is swirling the internet. F.C. just found out about it.

Were the stories of the mystery rocket off California last November and the  stranding of the giant cruise ship in the Pacific  south of California related??? Check this out:

From Above Top Secret:

‘Mystery Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test? 

Anyone remember these two incidents that occurred the same day, Nov. 9, 2010? 

. . . “Jim Marrs was on Coast To Coast the the other night saying that according to information and documents he received from a retired missile launch officer, the “mystery plume” off the coast of California was actually a missile fired from a Chinese sub that was carrying a secret new EMP weapon which completely caught NORAD off guard. And apparently the “stealth” design meant it couldn’t be tracked by radar. . . “


Chinese Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Firing as Part of Combined Arms Anti-Carrier Exercises in East China Sea, 30 June-5 July

A new window into Chinese naval combined arms operations involving warships and fighter jets opened recently in the East China Sea. There the PLA carried out “live firing training” in a relatively small box-shaped area off Zhejiang Province between Zhoushan and Taizhou, within China’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the East China Sea from 30 June-5 July. The core theme of the combined arms exercises appears to have been demonstrating capabilities to attack surface ships, apparently a carrier strike group (CSG). Issues influencing the exact timing of the exercises likely include a desire to pressure the U.S. Navy not to hold exercises involving a carrier strike group with its South Korean counterpart in areas near China’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.  . .  (more)