4.9 quake on East Vancouver on Cascadia Subduction Zone

26 11 2022

This is far from the one off the Oregon coast on the 21st.


LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKpgBTPpbbU





5.2 M Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone

21 11 2022

We had just been putting some off-Oregon-coast items on the LAST POST about the scary subduction zone! 

M 5.2 – 241 km W of Bandon, Oregon

↑ report has map.


USGS- Cascadia Subduction Zone Marine Geohazards


LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO0vPV7rn6k

The whole ring of fire is doing the anvil chorus –

6.2M quake down by Baja, offshore 

USGS report | Map



Scary Quake Swarm on Cascadia Subduction Zone

15 06 2022

USGS Report on the 5.6 M quake there + many smaller quakes all near it on the map –

We had posted some of the more recent quakes in comments on this March 27 post – 5.1 M Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone – FC



5.1 M Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone

27 03 2022

has map

It is offshore a little south of Portland.NO tsunami warning

NO tsunami warning.





BREAKING! Huge quake swarm on Cascadia Subduction Zone (Washington State, US) << AGAIN!

8 12 2021

Big 5.3  on top of many others just now —-

USGS Live Data Map

LINK –  https://youtu.be/xcc5qPwOOQo

Dec. 20 –

6.2 quake off N. CA

Plus a swarm of quakes on the Cascadia Subduction Zone . . .

No tsunami warning …




Two 5.9M Quakes Off Oregon in Cascadia Subduction Zone 🙀

4 06 2021

Sputnik “A 5.9-magnitude earthquake has been registered in the Pacific Ocean off the US coast, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said.
The earthquake was recorded at 07:52 GMT on Friday. The epicentre was located 157 kilometres to the east of the city of Gold Beach on the Oregon coast, at a depth of 9.1 kilometres.
No injuries or casualties have been reported so far.”



USGS omits a 5.8M quake –




Alaska and Cascadia both have quake swarms



check here for updates later . . .






Cascadia Subduction Zone Shakes and San Andreas Fault too

2 04 2021


The quakes have been percolating away recenlty at the Cascadia Subduction Zone.  They are in comments in this post 5.7 Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone

We are sure if there is a calamity on the west coast the feds will step right in and fix things like they recently did in Texas with the freeze. – FC