Catherine Austin-Fitts on Bio Technology and the Reintroduction of Slavery

7 01 2021


She talks

  • orchestrated riots
  • election theft
  • injectable brain  to cloud interface
  • big crooked reset and disaster capitalism
  • lockdown and smart grids




The Big, Bad Reset – Catherine Austin Fitts

14 11 2020





C. Austin-Fitts ties California fires to mortgage fraud

25 11 2018

at 47 min. mark –



Catherine Austin-Fitts says robots to take over all US jobs soon – funded by workers, not by 1%

16 09 2018

At 39:05 min. mark –


She says the whole reason for hastily written laws, not by popular demand, for alternative sex options (besides M/F) on birth certificates is to assign personhood to robots in the future, affording them benefits that used to go to human workers. The laws are already introduced in some states and 1%ers at fancy think tanks are going full steam ahead with the plan. 

Washington birth certificates could list sex as M, F or X

This scheme ties into what happened to the missing 21 trillion dollars the pentagon “lost”. It is funding  robot take-over of the American workplace with AI help.
See her new website – The Missing Money.

All About the Black Budget

19 03 2015

From Catherine Austin Fitts –


From the SGT Report


Wisdom from Catherine Austin Fitts

20 09 2011

” We are so financially entangled in the federal government and large corporations and banks that we cannot see our complicity in everything we say we abhor. Our social networks are so interwoven with the institutional leadership — government officials, bankers, lawyers, professors, foundation heads, corporate executives, investors, fellow alumni — that we dare not hold our own families, friends, colleagues and neighbors accountable for our very real financial and operational complicity. While we hate “the system,” we keep honoring and supporting the people and institutions that are implementing the system when we interact and transact with them in our day-to-day lives. Enjoying the financial benefits and other perks that come from that intimate support ensures our continued complicity and contribution to fueling that which we say we hate. “ 

Goldman subpoenaed by Manhattan DA [!!!!]

2 06 2011

By Alistair Barr

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Goldman Sachs Group received a subpoena from the Manhattan District Attorney seeking information about the investment bank’s activities heading into the global financial crisis, according to a published report Thursday. . . .

[cut to the chase:] . . . .  The information request from the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. relates to the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report on Wall Street’s role in the housing market collapse, which accused Goldman of misleading buyers of mortgage-related securities known as collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, Bloomberg reported Thursday. . .  (more)


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