Nuke Pro has been banned – in case we also disappear ….

27 08 2021




They are shutting down discourse on everything – FC







With the new Cen50rship Our Days are Numbered

12 01 2021



We think they will just ban everyone before Jan. 20th …. FC


flying cuttlefish picayune

I just got a warning fromabout a COMMENT on this video and myaccount may disappear … but this blog is also run byand may also go down.  

After yesterday’s debacle for the D·N·C is removing all critics of  D·N·C across the web.

THIS VIDEO ABOUT  J O H N   P O D E S T A  and 🍕gate  will be gone in a week.

Watch while you can.  Re-post it on another platform if you have the bandwidth.


If the Flying Cuttlefish is removed from this spot  for a new url.

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Free Speech Crackdown; Repressive Big Tech Gangs Up Against Competitor; Parler Founder-CEO Responds; Start Boycotting Big Tech ASAP

11 01 2021

Mining Awareness +

They appear to have honed their censorship skills in China and now are using it on US. Boycott Amazon, that’s easy. Boycott Twitter. Boycott YouTube. Use Rumble, Bitchute. Boycott Google Search Engine Now. Get away from everything Google as soon as you can. Apparently everyone needs to get away from Apple as soon as they can, too. Boycott, boycott, to the extent that you can, as soon as you can, and while you can. Divest if you hold stocks in these companies. Buy an old fashioned radio if you don’t have one. Remember NPR has become propaganda news too.

Lou Dobbs, Jan 10 2021 ca 1 am EST:
Looks like Parler has a pretty strong antitrust, anti-competitive case against Google, Apple and Amazon. Tech oligarchs ban Parler in what appears to be close coordination with Twitter and Facebook in their ban of the President.
These are perilous times for…

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Did the Intercept Force Glenn Greenwald Out to Keep Him from Covering the Vote-Count-Crimes?

6 11 2020

Just Askin’ . . . .

Weeks before election day big tech starts an internet purge of Q anon discussion forums, blogs, twitter and facebook accounts. The same happens for large indy media conservative platforms and Trump supporters.

 Oct. 29 Glenn Greenwald resigns from the outlet he founded because of gross censorship of his report on Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s graft grabbing.

 Days before election day MSM and the largest internet platforms refuse to cover the biggest news in the United Sates, that candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden collected graft from the CCP and from crooks in Ukraine.

 It gets revealed the Biden campaign is boosted by India with faked followers on social media.

 Nov. 3rd, election day – MSM and the largest internet platforms not only continue censoring the sizzling hot laptop story – they ignore Joe Biden’s late campaigning flubs and the no-show audiences.

 Vote counting is suspended before Trump supporting states can tally votes. Election in limbo and MSM acts like it is normal. Foreign press in an uproar.  Trump complains on live tv and is cut off. Daily Mail scrubs the report on his being cut off by television networks.

Glenn Grennwald wasn’t even reporting on Joe Biden’s murder of John Wheeler.




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A Blog Worth Bookmarking: Mind Control Missile Murder Madness

10 10 2019

We have added this blog to our blogroll on the right sidebar

Here’s a sample:


” . . . Note that Wells was composing this in the aftermath of the Mark Foley “Pagegate” scandal that exploded into public awareness in 2005-2006 and that now has been all but scrubbed from the public and historical consciousness, but which in hindsight now seems like a vital link on the way to disclosures like Sandusky and the Second Mile, as well as, of course, pizzagate and what was in the Clinton-Podesta emails. But please, go easy all you conspiracy theorists, ‘cause absolutely NONE of this stuff is related.”

ENE-News CENSORED. They are missing from the web.

6 03 2018

Missing in action:

It is part of the mass purge on the web of any anti-nuke, anti-globalist, anti-pedo bloggers and video makers. 

More here later if we find out anything.

Social Media was Invented by the Spooks and is Used for NO Good! Thomas Paine tells all to Lionel.

23 01 2018

DARPA, the phoney-baloney tv news, the meglomaniacs in charge of the net and the battle to steer your actions all discussed –



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