US Taxpayer-Debt Gifted $80 Million+ to Bill Gates’ TerraPower for an Ultra-Dangerous Sodium Cooled Nuclear Reactor Project; Biden Wants to Give Him More

10 06 2021

Mining Awareness +

Sodium (Natrium) is highly reactive. It combusts upon contact with air, and reacts violently with water. Nuclear and sodium are a dangerous combination with a bad track record. They aren’t new and haven’t been “advanced” since the 1950s.

3 pounds of sodium plus water. Public domain via wikimedia

Bill Gates had a “net worth” of $144.2 billion (US), as of June 5, 2021, making him the fourth richest individual in the world. Why are hard-working American taxpayers supposed to give him money, then, for a dangerous and costly nuclear reactor, or anything else? Why is the US incurring more debt for this? Why is Bill Gates allowed to mine the taxpayer?

Gates and TerraPower chose the Latin (and German) term for sodium, “Natrium” – perhaps to distance it from the many historic dangerous sodium reactors and maybe to sound natural:

In a Chapter 5 on “Liquid Sodium–Cooled Fast…

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