World’s Worst Water Management System Key to Massive China Floods

27 07 2021

Idiotic system explained – why they won’t manage reservoirs in the public interest:






Three Gorges Dam Threatens Nuke Plants ☢

1 07 2020

After the 6:50 min. mark in this video nuclear plant swamping concerns are addressed –



(June 24) China’s Largest Dam on the Brink of Collapse as Flooding Ravages Country: Expert

(June 26) China’s Three Gorges Dam, Largest in World, In Danger of Collapse After Worst Floods in 70 Years

(2017) China Nuclear Power Plant Incidents Highlight ‘Systemic’ Safety Concerns

on 816 Nuclear Military Plant –
World’s Largest Artificial Cave
located in flooded Chongqing.

This 2012 story shows current risks in Asia – Leaked Report Suggests Long-Known Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants



Maps of the Yangtze River

Dam area map

Earlier Post Watching the Three Gorges Dam in China – one of the world’s biggest – danger of failing

Is the US using weather weapon against China?

3 07 2017

Swathes of south China under water, heat strikes north

– (2015) | WW3 Started by US

America’s Pivot To Far East: How To Make & Exploit New Enemies by Trowbridge H. Ford

Part 2 of Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters, by Trowbridge H. Ford –

W. David Thompson [former NRO employee, and founder, president, and ceo of Spectrum Astro which had designed a dozen high performance satellites for the NRO]

“but where are those revolutionary satellites that they promised us?” Its slogan should be: “Buying Yesterday’s Technology at Tomorrow’s Prices” – unlike what the shoulder patch proudly pronounced: “We Own The Night.” Thompson then mentioned all the failed launches and satellites, concluding with a call for the agency to fix itself under the new leadership of former Air Force Secretary and current Pentagon acquisitions chief Edward Aldridge, Director Teets, Deputy Director Fitzgerald et al.

Some Maps

regular monsoon

current null school map