Is the US Forest Service too busy flying cocaine in its planes to fight forest fires??

24 11 2018


CIA and Subsidiaries Exposed in Court Documents As Active Drug Smugglers Using Military Aircraft Washed Through Forest Service

2013 – Marines’ Deaths Linked to CIA Narcotrafficking

“The US Forest Service’s C-119s were grounded in 1987 due to safety concerns. In need of aircraft to fight forest fires, the US Forest Service organized a deal with DOD and the GSA to exchange the grounded aircraft for C-130A and P-3 Orion aircraft for C-119s.

Gary Eitel, a Washington lawyer and Vietnam pilot who flew CIA missions in the late 1980s, blew the whistle on the aircraft swap program by filing hot line complaints with USDA and a qui tam lawsuit (A qui tam lawsuit allows private citizens to sue on behalf of the government). Eitel alleged that the swaps were illegal and the former military aircraft were used by the CIA in covert operations to fly cocaine into the US.

2017 – CIA’s COCAINE AIRLINES By Robert O’Dowd

” . . . When the weapons were repaired and tested at China Lake and Twentynine Palms [Marine Air Ground Combat Center], in California, they were staged and once again flown back from Marine Corps Air Station El Toro to Latin America, via Mexico, to be supplied to the Contras.

The aircraft used by this group were designated as “cutouts” and certified as belonging to the US Forest Service’s aircraft fleet. They were, however, controlled by US military intelligence, and contracted by civilian operators for whom Plumlee and other pilots worked.”


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