Dir. of CIA, Breenan f—-ked up big time in “blame Russia” for DNC hack assessment says Scott Ritter

16 07 2017

it’s no good sending guys like scott ritter to prison, they’ll come back and fuck you anyway, just like this

“. . . .All of these new mechanisms were in place at the time of the “phishing attacks” detected by GCHQ unfolded in the summer of 2015, emails stored on the computer servers of the DNC were compromised in the summer of 2016, and Brennan obtained his foreign intelligence report directly attributing Russian interference in the election to Putin. And yet none of these “lessons learned” were applied when it came to the production of the Russia NIA [National Intelligence Assessment]. The decision by Brennan early on in the process to create a special task force sequestered from the rest of the intelligence community ensured that whatever product it finally produced would neither draw upon the collection and analytical resources available to the totality of the national intelligence community, nor represent the considered judgment of the entire community. Simply put, the Russia NIA lacked the kind of community cohesiveness that gives national estimates and assessments such gravitas. The over-reliance on a single foreign source of intelligence likewise put Brennan and his task force on the path of repeating the same mistake made in the run-up to the Iraq War, where the intelligence community based so much of its assessment on a fundamentally flawed foreign intelligence source known as Curveball.

” . . . . When speaking on the issue of the IC [intelligence community] consensus regarding the findings of the Russia NIA, Trump went on to opine about allegations of Russian hacking:

I heard it was 17 agencies … It turned out to be three or four. It wasn’t 17. Nobody really knows. Nobody really knows for sure … I remember when I was sitting back listening about Iraq WMDs, how everybody was 100% sure that Iraq had WMDs. Guess what? That led to one big mess. They were wrong.

On both counts, the President was correct.