How to See Comet Pan-Starrs

7 03 2013

All you need to know to see the spectacular comet!

Look WEST at twilight.

Strange Sounds – Comet Pan-STARRS: A Naked-Eye Comet in March

Early report with pictures from Sky & TelescopeComet Pan-STARRS: Still on Track


From: Sky & Telescope

Update, Mar. 11

Because comets are typically brightest and most active around the time they are closest to the sun, the best viewing of the comet will be from March 12-18, when it appears low in the west after sunset. Comet PanSTARRS will appear about 4 degrees to the left of the thin crescent moon Tuesday night.


From Lunar Meteor Hunters’ blog – (pass on) – lots of activity coming . . .

ALERT- Breaking News -Meteor Outbursts Pending!!!!


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