#PizzaGate – Thinking about tunnels

21 11 2016

Followers of the new D.C. pedophile ring story, #pizzagate, are familiar with the against-building-code tunnels under Comet Ping Pong Pizza on Conn. Ave. in Washington, D.C..

So we are thinking about pedo rings’ use of tunnels to move child victims and child corpses.

Ed Opperman show Dec 27, 2015 –

LINK – http://youtu.be/Mjf-lq1-cTQ


Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles
During prohibition, corrupt city officials ran drinking dens under the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. < (this took about 20 seconds to find)

Lots of cities have tunnels – especially in the northern snowy states where long ago they were used for infrastructure access and trash removal etc.
Many campuses, for instance have a tunnel network.  Here are 2 just from the University of Illinois.

Not they are connected to crime. But anywhere these pedos meet it isn’t hard to imagine they are near convenient tunnels. Or they try and locate property near preexisting tunnels.

The McMartin Preschool Case: Tunnels Part I

LINK – http://youtu.be/QVweJZp6elI

[Note: MSM is filled with McMartin pedo-denying articles. The accusations seem a less far-fetched now.]