Banned on U-T00b – DR. KEVIN Mc CĀ1RN talk with Lord Hugh on Vie Russ and other topics

20 03 2021

You cannot even say this scientist’s name without being censored on the internet.


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One Bona Fide Corona Virus Death: Cuomo’s Politcal Future 🗑

16 02 2021

Cuomo CAUGHT In COVID Cover-Up, CNN Is Complicit



Democrats slam ‘lying’ Andrew Cuomo over COVID-19 nursing home scandal

Cuomo’s COVID cover-up hid nearly 1,900 NYC nursing home deaths

Governor Cuomo May Be In Trouble – Melissa DeRosa Is His Assistant Who Outed Him and Her Mother-in-Law, Audrey Strauss, Is Head of the DOJ’s SDNY

“At least 15,000 New York State (NYS) senior citizens and people with disabilities, residents of New York nursing homes, died under this Cuomo regime in 2020.”