U.S. Nuclear Warfare Plan – June, 2019 DoD Report

29 06 2019




NEW! Release #2 from darkoverlord 9-11 papers hack.

5 01 2019

Cryptome.org has a new file available today. 

watch this space – we are adding files as we go. Updates are also going on this post.

You will need to get familiar with this word – Subrogation
“The substitution of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim, demand, or right, so that he or she who is substituted succeeds to the rights of the other in relation to the debt or claim, and its rights, remedies, or Securities.

There are two types of subrogation: legal and conventional. Legal subrogation arises by operation of law, whereas conventional subrogation is a result of a contract.”   (more) Law Dictionary – https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/subrogation


This folder is really big. Only a fraction done so far. We uploaded them as PDFs (not done yet) –

See them here

Mostly these are depositions from airline screeners – some nuggets –

On # 00017648 we get a peek at politix – Law firm, Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin paid Sen. Bob Dole 744k broken up into 12 payoffs. For what? His big brain?
Doc # 0001768 tells what “work” he did. Probably unpaid intern did the “work” (opinion) . . .


X-Sen. Bob Dole is such a grifter! 

Doc. # 00027815 letter from Warden Triplett Grier – they say wouldn’t it be great
if funds from Treasury set aside for Terrorism Victim’s Access to Compensation Act of 2002
could get accessed by insurance co.s as well as victims.

Doc. # 00022551 tells about Silverstein insurance claim

# 00030380 says Saudi Arabia is off limits and victims who might sue SA are called “crackpots”.


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A Disturbance in the Force – Blog & Social Media Meddling on Upswing Suddenly

29 04 2013
  • Item – Dutchsinse who blogs about weather tampering, HAARP etc. has his blog screwed with on FaceB00k and says he is branded “unsafe” by them. Comments are now missing on recent posts on his blog.
  • Item – Comments are being waylaid, delayed, re-routed as spam on WordPress blog The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle all week.
  • Item – You Tube has increased their crackdown on important search topics and is hiding pertinent videos from their searches.
  • Item – You Tube changed their standing protocol of putting related videos on the sidebar of the video a viewer looks up.

Most of this diversion of information began around the psy-op in Boston last week. Cryptome has more info on intel agencies spying on social media.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/XZ75zejmzyI

Faceb00k crackdown – from RedditFacebook is censoring “religious humor”, which means anything mocking religion will result in a ban placed on your account. This is wrong on ALL levels.

UPDATE, May 27

A Disturbance in the Force 0.2

Cryptome Tracks The NYPD Ring Of Steel

10 08 2012


LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn8oy9NHag4

Hospital Disaster Plan for Palo Verde Nuke Plant Area – big SECRET!

20 07 2011

From Cryptome

Hospital Refuses to Disclose Emergency Plan


For the past month we have been attempting to obtain information from
Banner Estrella Hospital concerning their emergency preparedness plan(s)
with regard to possible future problems should they occur at the Palo
Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Both facilities are located in
Maricopa County Arizona.

(more)    http://cryptome.org/0005/hospital-refuse.htm


Well, HERE’S THE PLAN (2008 version)  in PDF


Nuke Accident Plan is page 108….

What WikiLeaks never said, hearsay exposed

28 02 2011


from http://humanityinchaos.com/MediaSpam.html

By Karl F. Stewart


“. . . .  In some circles it’s widely accepted that knowledge is power, and the individual who excludes him or herself from the information loop risks becoming powerless. To convince yourselves of the concept, look at governments and corporations and the enormous amounts of information they have on the majority of the population and the power they wield over the many. Now look at the majority of humanity and how little information people have about their governments and those corporations which dominate the economic and social spheres of everyday life.

But yet when an organization, or a cooperative of organizations, tries to break the monopoly on information, it’s often the masses which attack these very organizations and claim disdain for their activities. The lies and innuendoes about Wikileaks, and the nature of the free flow of information, are contemporary examples of how quickly people become disenchanted with the notion of freedom.

The number of bloggers, pundits and journalists who have cut and pasted unsubstantiated truths about Wikileaks is astounding. It’s the spamming by well known or unheard of internet addresses against Wikileaks that clog the search results with their scoops. Take a look at the accusations that Wikileaks is connected to either Mossad, the CIA, Soros or all of them.

By putting Wikileaks Mossad in the search field on Google.com, the first hit on 18 February 2011 was for a blog on The Telegraph in England. The title of the entry read Is Wikileaks a Front for the CIA or Mossad? The reason the blogger asked the question was because the blog’s writer had just heard an unnamed Iranian analyst during an undisclosed interview on Al Jazeera say that Wikileaks had to be a front for these organizations given the nature of the diplomatic cables which discredit “the region’s leaders and Iran in particular.”

And if you read the blog entry you’ll find that the blogger never goes on to directly accuse Wikileaks of Mossad connections, but the perception constructed through an evocative title remains a top hit on the number one search engine. . . . ” (more)