Real-Time Data is the New Oil and Īsraěl will Control it (and the Vie Russ) – Brendon O’Connell

8 08 2021








👀 Look what you give away when you buy a game from Microsoft

15 05 2021

Account Info: Access any of your account info.

Allow elevation: Allows the app to run with administrator privileges without prompting the user first.

App diagnostics: Get diagnostic information about other running apps.

Bluetooth: Activate and use any Bluetooth connections between your device and other devices.

Calendar: Access your calendars.

Call history: Access history of phone calls you made on the device, in Skype or other telephony apps.

Contacts: Access your contacts, people, or address book apps.

Custom install actions: Install additional software.

Email: Access your email and account info for your email accounts.

Facial recognition: Activate and use any facial recognition hardware.


They steal even more if you get FREE games, often pre-loaded on new computers.





Facebook wants to not just to look into your past but to control and regulate your future – Yvonne Hofstetter

3 04 2018

“We live in a system of governance called democracy but we have little sense of what that means or what it means when data is used against you. Other states such as China use exactly the same technologies to achieve the opposite of freedom, namely total surveillance and the cementing of a repressive system.”

MORE –  Facebook: ‘The truth has been lost’

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Tech Hell – updated headlines on social media’s Hindenburg


Creepy Data Mining Documentary – Stare into the Lights, My Pretties

4 01 2018


A discussion on the film –




DARPA up to old tricks again

23 05 2011

This tid-bit was on CRYPTOME

Next Phase of Advanced Global Data-Mining & Intelligence System Unfolds

Details of an emerging data-mining and intelligence-analysis program reminiscent of the Pentagon’s controversial Total Information Awareness (TIA) project emerged yesterday, U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor has discovered.

Similar to TIA, which Congress in 2003 de-funded insofar as domestic applications, the Insight Focused Incubator initiative seeks to create a multimedia system that obtains, synthesizes, and analyzes mass volumes of data via the development of an advanced “‘plug and play’ modular architecture” of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) technologies.

According to a Special Notice that the Monitor obtained via routine database research, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) issued a call to industry for innovative ideas leading to the creation of such a system. . . .

You can get a gander at the big SANTA LIST from DARPA here –