Looming Uninhabiable Earth – Paul Beckwith

19 07 2017

Part 1 in a series:

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This is in response to the article in New York magazine –



US can see plutonium from the sky over N. Korea – but won’t bother to find TEPCO’S missing tons of it!

14 07 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Thermal images of North Korea’s main nuclear site show Pyongyang may have reprocessed more plutonium than previously thought that can be used to enlarge its nuclear weapons stockpile, a U.S. think tank said on Friday.


So why the eff don’t they fly that thing over Fukushima and find the splattered plutonium ejected from the reactors on 3-11?  


T-O-N-S of missing plutonium in Japan and in the Pacific!

Nuke Pro61 Pages of Stories of the Death Of The Pacific

…. including these, from 2011:

Fukushima: No One Knows Where (MOX Fuelled) Reactor 3’s Plutonium Went

America in Serious Danger if Fukushima Not Stopped

29 04 2016


LINK –  http://youtu.be/Ss_AmOCJHzU

ENE -NewsTV: North America will not be safe from Fukushima radiation if plant keeps leaking — Animals “suddenly died” on west coast right after 2011 disaster… Whole world noticed this strange phenomenon — “Fatally high” levels of radioactive material has entered ocean… serious pollution is ongoing (VIDEO)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/t64QgmtFMPo



Dana: Worldwide Alert Over Terrorists Getting Inside Safe, Harmless Nuke Plants

30 03 2016


Fukushima: Massacre Pacific Ocean Animals March 29th 2016

LINK –  http://youtu.be/ZzGPoIcxXfc

Fukushima: Unprecedented Half Million Birds Die Of Starvation Alaska Canada

LINK – http://youtu.be/46r1pEjSr60

zapENE-News on the nuke-terror alert

Dana on Rense.com http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_032816_hr3.mp3 [AUDIO]

whiteRADred99Who is checking the NE Pacific for Fukushima radiation and who is not



Mass Mortality among Rocky Shore Invertebrates across 100 km of Northeastern Pacific Coastline- Peer Reviewed Article

Why Nuclear Scientists Have No Friends



(Reprise) Mass Mortality among Rocky Shore Invertebrates across 100 km of Northeastern Pacific Coastline

14 03 2016


SEE: Mass Mortality among Rocky Shore Invertebrates across 100 km of Northeastern Pacific Coastline- Peer Reviewed Article

recap485Ken Buesseler is looking for no answers on radiation contamination in the Pacific

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Ohn1MWQPM_w

whiteRAD_yelBlackNuke ProMechanism By Which Radiation Destroys “Chitin” Which Destroys The Ocean Food Chains and Bees

and – –  Stop the Krill Kill! Radiation Kills Krill, It Bio-Magnifies In Their Chitin Shell

Back to the Death of the PacificIronMask

Dana Durnford’s Post-Fukushima Odyssey: Documenting Ecocide on Canada’s West Coast

With North Pacific in Death Throes U Vic Minion and Pretend-Scientist, Jay Cullen Still Thinks Everything’s Fine

23 02 2016

Jay Cullen: Most Recent Measurements of Plutonium in Pacific: Fukushima Fallout Undetectable

Update: InFORM Monitoring Results For Pacific Salmon Collected Summer 2015 February 23, 2016 <VicCourt Dana was in court 2 weeks earlier because of U. Vic and Woods Hole false accusations.

He must be reading comic books.

Maybe he never heard about this:
“Maximum Alert” Japan Nuclear Reactor Core Breach Leaking Plutonium – “3 Raging Nuclear Meltdowns In Progress”

Or maybe his pals at Woods Hole are so busy with their real missions for the US military they can’t follow up so much on the death of the Pacific.
Except to cover it up.

A Green Road Bog38,000,000 Bq/Kg Radioactive Iodine 129 Found On Leafy Vegetables, 59 Km From Fukushima Daichi, Radioactive Iodine Went Around The World, Decays Into Radioactive Xenon Gas, Then Into Cesium


Nuke Pro –

ENE News –

BLUbullet  COMMENT: Dr. Goodheart
February 23, 2016 at 11:36 am

Apologists for Nuclear Ecocide Here, I present arguments for Durnford’s defense, much of which cannot be entered into the court record in a national judicial system constrained by a blanket nuclear-security regime and Official Secrets Act that grossly subvert the Rule of Law:
– First, it will be shown that the accusers Cullen and Buesseler have institutional links with the nuclear industry and nuclear weapons, and are therefore implicated in the Fukushima cover-up for their assigned task of countering anti-nuclear critics. Their illicit connections to the military-nuclear complex prompt them to concoct flawed research methodologies that purposely underestimate levels of radioactive contamination. Their grotesque violations of science ethics are here exposed, followed by a call for their being defrocked and excluded from academic discourse.
– Second, the funding from the nuclear industry to the University of Victoria, located on Vancouver Island, is “hush money” timed to coincide with the imminent start of uranium shipments across Western Canada through Vancouver harbour to Asia by TEPCO Resources, yes, the same Tokyo Electric Power Company responsible for Fukushima and co-owner of the Cigar Lake uranium mine, which recently started extraction operations in Sasketchewan. TEPCO is hitting Canada in more ways than one.

Much more at

More on Cigar Lake – F.C.


If reading is too much for you, Radchick & Lauren Moret: Fukushima & Pacific Ocean

LINK – http://youtu.be/dzZ7mmMvLF4

Is it Godzilla or Fukushima Radiation Glowing Red Hot in the Pacific?



FUKEDgoto DDpp

Dana Blasts Off

2 12 2015

Dana Durnford has a thing or two to say on Live Stream.



LINK –  http://livestream.com/accounts/16291058/events/4552648/videos/105968915


Mining Awareness – Complaint Filed Against French State Utility EDF-Climate Conference Sponsor for False Advertising

“. . . At the approach of COP21 French State owned EDF, official sponsor of that event, launched a big publicity campaign to present itself as the “Official Partner of a Low Carbon World”. The campaign glorifies their electricity production, which they allege is 98% CO2 free, due to nuclear power.

To denounce this false advertising, the “Sortir du nucléaire” [Nuclear Exit] Network filed a complaint before the Advertising Ethics Jury and brought a civil liability suit against EDF before the Tribunal de grande instance of Pari [Paris Tribunal-Court] . . . “

small url:   http://tinyurl.com/hsu9gfz

Nuclear Hotseat Calls For Death Of Anti Nuclear Activist

LINK – http://youtu.be/kMgXltONBSQ

Dec. 3 – Court docs: F.B.I. & U Vic conspire to censor Dana Durnford (Live Stream)