What A.G. Lynch Learned From Bill on That Plane This Week

6 07 2016

Posted today

(Anon. source but knowledgeable)

Seems that James Comey’s service as a legal assistant on the Senate Whitewater Committee has come back to haunt him since he has publicly announced that Hillary Clinton cannot be prosecuted for her mislhndling of secret information which went back to former DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] John Deutch being prematurely pardoned for doing the same thing just when Bill Clinton was leaving office in January 2001.
Deutch, a scientist from MIT, was most unprepared for the position, was so inundated with information about Clinton’s role in Iran-Contra, much of which concerned leaks from the Committee, apparently that Comey helped provide, that he was even taking it home on all kinds of electrical devices.

Once the DCI learned what was going on,he threatened to make noise about it, but he was abruptly sacked before he could do so.

When the whole scandal continued, Janet Reno’s Justice Department started making a case to punish him for being involved.

At this point, her deputy and subsequently Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder intervened, forcing him to not only prematurely pardon Deutch, but also many others, especially Israeli dirty tricks facilitator Mark Rich and also Adolf ‘Al’ Schwimmer whose efforts to sneak 80 HAWK missiles through Sweden illegally [which] resulted in its PM Olof Palme being assassinated for having stopped the shipment which threatened President Reagan’s removal from office.

Holder knew that the problems with the Clinton were a massive train wreck waiting to happen, so he left before it did, but his replacement, Loretta Lynch. didn’t know, so she had to be filled in about the problems, resulting in that meeting between them on her plane.

Quite obviously she passed the problem on to Comey, and he made his unprecedented statement about there being no precedent for prosecuting her when there was the precedent of pardoning Deutch too.
Until at least the November election, this mess is going to continue to spiral out of control.