Tabloid Media Drop Sandusky Coverage When it Points to Class Privilidge in America

13 06 2012

On Day 3 of the of the infamous Penn State Univerisity-enabled serial rape case the normally tawdry tabloid tv shows and websites effectively stood down.
Zero breaking headlines on steamy HLN. ABC News and CNN (who had breathless coverage at the start of the trial) suddenly got interested in the sliding middle-class and the efficacy of calcium suppliments.

This may be why:
It has been revealed top administrators at PSU not only knew about the witnessed “shower rape” but they conspired to cover it up.
Educated, wealthy professionals at high levels not only did not call police when they knew a serial-rapist-pedophile staffer was retained by them, used their property for rape opportunities and had no leash – they huddled together to shut it up.
On the other hand are the child victims. Poor, often fatherless and under privileged  they had no advocate among the privileged University staff or administration.
Even one victim’s own (working-class) teachers bowed before the whims of this unrestrained pedophile.

[Father of shower-rape-witness and PSU staffer] McQueary began by recounting the phone call he received from his son after witnessing Sandusky and a child in the Lasch building shower room in 2001. His wife answered the phone and immediately handed him the phone, saying “It’s Mike. There’s something wrong.”

“I just saw something, I saw Coach Sandusky in the shower with a young boy,” John recalled his son saying. “I could tell [Mike] was very distraught and upset.”

“I asked him if he had seen anal sex and I got more descriptive. ‘Did you see anything you could verify’ — penetration or maybe I used the word sodomy,” he said. According to his father, Mike McQueary responded, “No, I didn’t actually see that”

John McQueary says he asked again, “So you didn’t witness penetration or anything else you can verify?” His son again said no.

John McQueary continued by verifying his son’s claims that he had met with Paterno the next morning, as well as with Dr. Jonathan Dranov and Gary Schultz.


So . . .
PSU staffer, Mike McQueary knew and didn’t call police.
PSU staffer’s father, John McQueary knew and didn’t call police.
PSU President[!!!], Graham Spanier knew and didn’t call police and probably hid evidence.
Revered PSU coach and fundraiser, Joe Paterno knew and didn’t call police.
McQueary family friend, Dr. Jonathan Dranov (presumably educated)  advised [Mike] McQueary to report the incident to his superiors at Penn State, but that he shouldn’t worry about informing the police
Gary Schultz,former Sr. VP for finance and business, knew and didn’t call police.
PSU Athletic Director, Tim Curley knew and didn’t call police.

Now the FBI has secret files from the University administrators that will be pointing to a conspiracy to … not call the police about known serial-rapist and pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

Can anyone imagine this mass rape of poor children by privileged University staff even being attempted on the enfranchised children in the community?


Let’s not forget the mysteriously dead DA in that town –

from the LA Times today –

[snip] . . . . In the latest testimony Thursday, one of the accusers, known in court documents as Victim 6, described taking a shower at Penn State in 1998 with Sandusky, saying Sandusky soaped his back and eventually embraced him.

The mother of the man – now 25 – went to authorities when her son came home with wet hair. That report did not lead to any charges, investigator Ronald Schreffler said in testimony Thursday. He called the decision a mistake.

Schreffler, a former Penn State police officer who now works for the Department of Homeland Security, said he went to Ray Gricar, then the district attorney, who disagreed that the incident should be prosecuted.

Gricar disappeared in 2005 under mysterious circumstances and was later declared legally dead.

ALSO – Maybe the tide is turning. . . A Ray of Light! Oregon court: Scouts ‘perversion files’ to be public 

PORTLAND – The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday approved the release of 20,000 pages of so-called perversion files compiled by the Boy Scouts of America on suspected child molesters within the organization for more than 20 years, giving the public its first chance to review the records. . .


Who’s Who in the case: