Trump says NO to nuclear war

16 11 2022

On Nov. 15th Donald Trump took a vehement stand against the use of nuclear weapons.


Trump’s Nov 15 announcement speech –

Outtake above is from the 19:44 min. mark – FC







Trump to run in 2024

7 08 2022

“We will make America great again.”


Alt. Link –






As Senile Joe’s popularity craters guess who won yesterday’s primaries? Candidates endorsed by Trump.

3 08 2022

MSM is loath to report on this election unlike all elections before.






9 07 2022

Just because MSM won’t cover it …


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Trump Statement on Putin-Ukraine Feb. 22, 2022

24 02 2022

Mining Awareness +

One of the first things that Trump did, when he became President, was arrange to send liquified natural gas (LNG) to Poland, which was the earliest strong evidence that he wasn’t Russia’s man. And, he’s telling the truth, when he says, that he was the hardest on Putin. The other Presidents coddled Putin like he was a pet puppy, whereas he was a baby bear, who grew up. “Bears are carnivoran mammals of the family Ursidae. They are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans.

Both Dems, and apparent Kremlin operatives pretending to be Alt-right conservatives, have been distorting what Trump has said about Putin. The motives for the first are clear. The motive of the second is apparently to get conservative America on Putin’s side. Never forget that Biden’s Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, waived the Nord Stream sanctions, which allowed it to be completed. The head…

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The Washington Post Forced to Retract Incorrect Quotes Re Trump Call To Georgia About Election Fraud

17 03 2021

Some recent news on the fraud in Georgia is in the comments on this post:

and phone call in question has transcript on Cryptome: [PDF]
the call :

Mining Awareness +

An audio was produced so the Washington Post was really forced to put a correction on top of a story that they wrote two months ago.

The source of the incorrect, retracted, quotes was reportedly Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State, Jordy Fuchs.

Fuchs previously worked for the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Stacey Abrams is a member of the CFR, as is Kamala Harris’ sister, Maya Harris. Henry Kissinger is, of course, a member. So too are Bill and Chelsea Clinton, as are many other well-known figures: Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Zeke Emanuel, is a member of the CFR, too. Zeke has served as Biden’s unethical ethicist on Covid. Zeke thinks that people should be dead by age 75, because they aren’t doing “meaningful work”.

Neither the Washington Post, nor the New York Times should be considered newspapers “of record” anymore. To call them legacy media sounds nice, but that’s…

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