President Trump Does NOT KNOW; US Still In State Of Active War With North Korea; Not Honoring Armistice Agreement And Is Now Provoking Nuclear War Via First Strike Policy, War Games, PBS And RT Documentary Movies, Slave Labor

14 04 2017

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President Trump promised to wipe out ISIS within 60 days, but nothing has changed in that direction and that timeline came and went.

Trump is now threatening North Korea DIRECTLY, by doing a FIRST STRIKE before North Korea does anything. What Trump does not understand or know is that the US is still in an active state of war with N. Korea.. This article lays out this history and reasons that led up to the continued state of war with this nation by the US.

His ‘first strike’ against Syria was also illegal, but when you are a white supremacist, you don’t have to follow any of the rules or laws that anyone else does.

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21 08 2015

N./S. Korea Tension Escalates

BIG DEADLINE  (scroll down)

Aug. 20 –

DPRK: “Foolhardy provocation deserves harsh punishment.”

Aug. 20 –

Risk of escalation between North and South Korea will rise following shelling incident: IHS

Aug. 21 –

North Korea orders military to be ready for war, says report

Aug. 21 –

DPRK – “The joint military drills are little short of an open declaration of a war against the DPRK as they are an unprecedented military provocation in light of their scale, nature and program.”
” . . . . Owing to the action of the U.S. and the puppet military hooligans, the outbreak of a nuclear war has become a matter of time on the peninsula with the nation’s destiny exposed to constant threat.”

Aug. 21 –

Kim Jong-un orders combat-ready forces to missile attack
“Pyongyang plans to carry out strikes on the positions of the South Korea.


Aug. 21 –

North Korea Puts Army on ‘Quasi State of War,’ Sets Loudspeaker Deadline
stop the broadcasts by 5 p.m. Saturday (4:30 a.m. ET) or face military action.


Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills

• Aug. 17 – South Korea, US launch massive military exercise, amid North’s ire

Such large-scale joint military exercises… are little short of a declaration of a war,” read a Thursday statement by the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea

• Aug. 18 – South Korea, US Start Joint Military Ulchi Freedom Guardian Drill
“Some 50,000 South Korean soldiers and 30,000 American military will take part in the 12-day drill, according to the agency.
North Korea has slammed the drill as a rehearsal for invasion.”

• 2014 UFG drill –
US Army – “UFG is really an exercise designed to help at the four-star level,” said Maj. Gen. William M. Buckler, Jr., commanding general of the 412th Theater Engineer Command. “The Combined Forces Commander, Gen. James Thurman, and all of the four-star commands that the ROK Army has, including their Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Jeong Seung-jo, UFG is designed to help them map and figure out how we interact and how we all will work together should it be necessary if we come in armed conflict with North Korea again.”

Aug. 21 (DEADLINE DAY) –




Pivot to WW3

US / N. KOREA – – – the bluebell-lined path to Doomsday??

16 03 2013


US to strengthen missile defence in response to North Korea ‘provocations’

Chuck Hagel says US will deploy 14 more missile interceptors in Alaska to ‘make clear the US stands firm against aggression’

After nuke-capable rockets zoomed over Japan while re-militarized Japan snoozed “Hagel said the US will deploy the additional missiles “in order to bolster our protection of the homeland and stay ahead of this threat” as well as installing a second radar in Japan to give improved early warning and tracking of any missile launched from North Korea.” – so when the next rocket zooms by Japan can snooze again on billions of dollars of radars. Billions for radars because the US still refuses direct talks (not 6-party talks) with NBA fan, Kim Jong Un.  Decades of stonewalling on this issue just like the shape-of-the-table issue stalled ‘talks’ with N. Vietnam.


South Korean students rethink the fist-shaking stance of their elders

[snip] ” . . . . They say sanctions can not help solve the situation and the ongoing joint military exercises are offensive ones aimed at bringing down the government of the north, strongly urging the U.S. and the south Korean regime to withdraw the sanctions, stop the moves for confrontation and war and opt for dialogue and conclusion of a peace treaty.

N. Korea to About Explode Nuke Bomb in Underground Test

27 01 2013

The Irish Times reports they have cleared snow from the roads at the test site and . . . .

“Satellite photos taken this week show that over the past month, roads have been kept clear of snow and that North Koreans may have been sealing the tunnel into a mountainside where a nuclear device would be detonated.”

And the New York Times says . . .

“The K.C.N.A. [North’s Korean Central News Agency] dispatch, which was distributed on Sunday, was dated Saturday, indicating that the meeting in Pyongyang took place then. That was the same day on which the North’s main party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, said that the United Nations Security Council’s resolution last Tuesday calling for tightening sanctions against the North left it with “no other option” but a nuclear test.”


Korean Peninsula’s Denuclearization Becomes Impossible

[snip]  . . .  “Meanwhile it [the US] has hurled latest military hardware into south Korea, including nuclear weapons, and carried on DPRK-targeted joint military exercises for scores of years under various names in line with such war scenarios as “OPLAN 5029”.

The U.S. has restricted trade with the DPRK and imposed all sorts of economic sanctions on it under the pretexts that the DPRK threatens regional stability and does not cooperate with the U.S. in its “anti-terrorism” efforts and that it is not a nation based on the market economy.”

They have a point there.

KOREAN CENTRAL(you bet!) NEWS AGENCY has updates from ‘them’ in English

See earlier news “North Korea at it again . . .