US West Coast Earthquake Warning

25 01 2017

From Dutchsinse – 1/10/2017 —
Large EQ potential — M7.3 deep earthquake in West Pacific = M8.3 to M9.3 possible


 He warned about New Guinea – then they had that big quake! 8.0 Quake New Guinea

Jan. 24 – Mysterious ‘booms’ heard around San Diego County

Mary Greeley – Mysterious ‘Boom’ in San Diego Causes Stir on Social Media

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5.1 Quakes Hits S. California – Near L.A.

29 03 2014

5.1 earthquake shakes L.A., Southern California

USGS Report (with map):

2014-03-29 04:09:42 UTC
2014-03-28 21:09:42 UTC-07:00 at epicenter
2014-03-29 00:09:42 UTC-04:00 system time

Later . . .

Los Angeles Times4.1 quake strikes near Rowland Heights; felt over wide area < has MAP

… it is 27 miles from San Onofre NPP. The big one was about the same distance. A 2.6 quake was same distance too and probably a lot of aftershocks too.

Strange Sounds: Earthquake Swarm in California: 14 Earthquakes within 1 Hour Near La Habra and Brea – March 28 2014 < has MAP



Dutchsinse on SERCO

27 01 2014


SERCO’s web

4.6 Quake in California at The Geysers Reported by USGS as 3.7

21 01 2014

Again, The USGS tampers with quake data.

Their 3.6 report (with map).  It is about 6 miles from a volcanic field at Clear Lake.

The 4.6 data they adulterated from NCSN.


Jan. 19 – Dutchsinse on the area –


More on the volcanic field (USGS)Clear Lake Volcanic Field is located about 90 miles north of San Francisco, California. The town of Clear Lake lies within the volcanic field as does much of the 43,000-acre fresh water lake of its namesake. The Geysers steam field, which sits at the southwest margin of the volcanic region, is host to one of the world’s most productive geothermal power plants, producing enough electricity for 850,000 homes.” . . . . (more)

Dutchsinse – ‘Disappeared’ Typhoon Lekima Off Japan, UPDATED

27 10 2013

Typhoon Lekima and Tropical Storm Fransisco merge over a spot that was epicenter of giant 7.2M quake.

Dutchsinse story on it from face book.



Before Its News – Japan & Fukushima Missing YouTubers, Tweeters, Facebookers, Instagramers And Viners




10/14/2013 — Salton Sea Volcanic Earthquake Swarm — Southern California movement – UPDATED

19 10 2013

This… just before the big 6.5 quake this afternoon (Oct. 19) …

Dutchsinse video about it featuring his advance prediction of it to Face Book readers.


(7-17)  Ring-of-Fire Ping Pong Making California Quakes?

7.8 Quake just now in Pakistan + Updates

24 09 2013

INFO  (text)


It happened about 7:30 a.m. EST – it was followed by a 5.9 quake and there may be more. 15 KM deep.


DetailsThe Watchers Massive and very dangerous earthquake magnitude 7.8 struck Pakistan


(9-25)   BBC – Pakistan quake island off Gwadar ’emits flammable gas’

Before Its News – Pakistan’s earthquake island created by methane gas in Arabian Sea ‘will not last’ REALLY ?

[snip]  ” . . .  Professor Shamim Ahmed Shaikh, chairman of the department of geology at Karachi University, said the island, which has not been named, would disperse within a couple of months.

He said it happens along the Makran coast because of the complex relationship between tectonic plates in the area. Pakistan sits close to the junction of three plates — the Indian, Arabian and Eurasian.

“About a year back an island of almost similar size had surfaced at the similar distance from the coast in the Makran region. This would disperse in a week to a couple of months,” Shaikh told AFP.

Mr Gibson said the temporary island was very different from the permanent uplift seen during major “subduction zone” earthquakes, where plate collisions force the Earth’s crust suddenly and sometimes dramatically upwards.”

Dutchsinse says this:  9/25/2013 — New Island off the shores of Pakistan — FALSE REPORTS of a mud volcano? But why?

Someone is spreading disinformation about this new island forming event.  The disinformation pushers are attempting to create a narrative that the sea floor rise was a “mud volcano” .. no proof was provided of this “mud volcano”.. and now (thank goodness) pictures are turning up which contradict these bogus reports.

The pictures of the new island fly in the face of the ‘mud volcano’ lie. “ . . . (more)

VIDEO (of island)

Video showing burning methane from the island-


another short video of the methane

(9-27)  Pakistan: Earthquake Island Is Tourist Spot < PHOTOS