Fukushima Shudders (quakes)

28 02 2017


It is 5.6M on a Japan-Scale of 7

LINK –  http://youtu.be/SZ54GB9eolQ

The Sun [UK] – QUAKE SHAKES JAPAN A powerful 5.6 magnitude earthquake has rocked Fukushima



5.7 quake map shows 3 volcanoes and 3 nuke complexes nearby.


Fukushima News – Fissures in the ground from earthquakes causing radiated steam to blast out

20 08 2011

ENE-News and Radioactive Chat are covering the giant fissures around Fukushima story – F.C.

Fukushima worker : “The holes and cracks in the ground are terrifying” ( story + VIDEO)


TEPCO spies are trying to shut up the workers.

It looks like they are getting caught lying terribly about radiation levels.

RENSE has a bunch of sidebar ads for geiger counters etc. if you think you need one at this point.  

Another fissure story


Radioactive Steam Escaping – The Ground at Fukushima Facility is Cracking