The US Air Force’s New Mind Control Wing

30 11 2011

Creepy article by Peter Quistgard says:

Other human bioeffects sought for the new RF weapons have included remote behavioral influence, EEG entrainment (induced brain wave frequency), or how human brain response to certain RF stimuli may mimic schizophrenia . . .  . . . It’s clear from mad science like this, revealed in available RFDE weapons research and development documentation, that it’s all about ways to remotely manipulate human physiology in order to degrade the human effectiveness or performance of targeted individuals, not to improve it. Indeed, this is what the HED (Human Effectiveness Directorate) logo suggests. In this sense, the Air Force’s “human effectiveness” is better understood as a double entendre, with the positive meaning for public consumption and the other meaning more at “effectiveness on humans” of the new class of secret weapons. . .

This sounds related to events in Egypt:

Egypt Tahrir doctors capture officer disguised as medic who gave “wrong” shots to  


 The hated secret police there are trained by the US:

WikiLeaks: Egyptian torturers trained by FBI


Egypt Military Coupsters Crack Down on Anti-Zi0nists + UPDATES

13 09 2011

AFP: Egypt military to widen state of emergency

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Turkey PM tells Arabs: Israel has isolated itself

Cryptome has

Breaking: Israel Embassy in Cairo Mobbed by Protestors + Update

9 09 2011

TV reports the Israeli ambassador has fled

Egypt sends troops after protesters attack Israel embassy

CAIRO, September 10, 2011 (AFP) – Egyptian soldiers and military vehicles massed near the Israeli embassy in Cairo following violent protests in front of the Jewish state’s mission on Friday that left more than 200 people injured. . .  (more) 

Egyptians break into Israeli embassy in Cairo

Hated Mubarak’s Trial to Take Place in Giant Convention Center

28 07 2011

Egypt’s Mubarak to face trial in front of large audience in Cairo

Hosni Mubarak’s trial will be set in a huge Cairo convention centre with hundreds of seats for an audience, heavy security and a metal defendants’ cage large enough to hold the man who ruled Egypt unchallenged for three decades, his two sons and seven associates, judicial officials said Thursday.

Health Minister Amr Helmy said the 83-year-old Mubarak is well enough to be moved from a hospital in the Sinai resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, where he is under arrest, to Cairo. He will face charges of corruption and ordering the killings of protesters during the uprising that toppled him in February. . .   (more)

USA discovers human rights in oil-rich Libya

20 03 2011

Something is mighty fishy with this US sudden awareness of human rights in Libya.

The imperial  power that oozed praise on despots like Pinochet and Suharto suddenly cannot abide Gaddafi (their water carrier) in Libya. The World Socialist Website agrees ….

The World Socialist Web Site categorically opposes any military intervention in Libya. The drive toward war, which was given the green light by the UN Security Council on Thursday, has nothing to do with the humanitarian pretexts offered up by the major powers. Rather, it represents the violent imperialist subjugation of a former colony.

The bombing of Libya by French, British and American planes will not protect human life, but will transform the country into a battlefield with thousands of innocent victims. This is an imperialist war. Libya is an oppressed, former colonial country. The WSWS rejects fundamentally and in all circumstances military attacks by imperialist powers on such countries. . .   (more)

” . . .  A military presence in Libya, which is bordered by Egypt to the east and Tunisia to the west, would help the major powers to intimidate revolutionary movements throughout the Arab world. . . “

Meanwhile, in N. Africa…. Bahrain blows up

14 03 2011

Washington Post –

Gulf security forces enter Bahrain, demonstrations escalate

“DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA – A military force from Bahrain’s Gulf neighbors entered the tiny island nation Monday in an apparent attempt to restore order as anti-government demonstrations escalate.

The Bahrain Defense Force confirmed the arrival of military units from a special Gulf Cooperation Council security force. The Council is a regional economic and military alliance comprised of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman…. “ (more)

It looks like scared-shitless Saudi royals are pitching in with the US-inspired fig leaf of ‘coalition’  description.

Libya is see-sawing back and forth between pro and anti government forces … or the news organizations are getting that impression without being there. See prior post.  It may be that a secret invasion of oil-importing-nations’ commandos are not getting the results they want.

And Saudi Arabia saw protests even though they mobilized their torturers and henchmen to suppress it.

There’s a nice column about who is in charge in Egypt at WikiLeaks Central

Follow all the breaking news on North Africa (while the world is looking at Japan) at these sites –

Follow news from North Africa as it happens

28 02 2011

For rapidly breaking news from Libya, Egypt, and across the African continent try these resources:




— and WikiLeaks has been releasing timely cables on the topic.

See the newest embassy cables from The Guardian

or the WikiLeaks website (Denmark mirror)