How the Clinton Foundation and other big $$$$ think tanks thwart the enviro groups, buy leaders and fool the public

20 07 2016

This interview with Cory Morningstar exposes Naomi Klein’s ties to the Clinton Foundation and other thinkers you wouldn’t expect. Young go-getters are co-opted early in life to serve the big $$$$ elite interests.

Nature Bats Last – 04.05.16 [has audio file]

Mike and Guy were joined by independent journalist Cory Morningstar. We discussed the largely unknown horrors of the non-profit industrial complex.

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Clinton Foundation BONUS(!)tie to Turkey coup related terrurist, Mullah Gulen, hiding out in PA and his $20+ Billion shady network and CIA stooge status. At 34 min. mark in this interview with Sibel Edmonds –