Terrific Ground Water Pollution in SC Made Worse by 2018 Hurricanes – Entire Southeast Probably the Same

27 10 2018

In looking at flooding conditions and nuke plants threatened by hurricanes Florence and Michael we came across this 2004 Westinghouse SC nuke plant document on the environment around the plant.


The amount of contamination all around from fecal waste, zinc and other toxic chemicals and pesticides from farms is shown in the 14 year old survey. Those problems are probably much worse before the storms hit. The report was filed with the NRC  in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

With this amount of industrial and farm waste how could South Carolina, or the affected southeast states handle massive new contamination from flooded refineries, chemical plants, nuke “processing facilities”, hog farms (some of the biggest factory farms in the country) untreated sewage, poultry farms and pesticide stockpiles?

Imagine the health effects waiting down the road for the inhabitants who are drinking this stuff and who waded through it and let their children play in it. 

A look at the environmental report shows they had studied hurricane risk and storm flooding and the state and federal government took no action. Had this report been read by just about anybody they could see the contamination situation would be unimaginable if there was widespread flooding from deluge storms or hurricanes.


Almost 9 MILLION hogs in NC in the path of mega-hurricane!


Columbia Fuel Operations gets a lengthy letter after uranium mess was minimized (lied about) and poor interim V.P. had to endure reading it.