The Poison Papers or How the EPA Lets Toxic Products Kill You

18 06 2018



 The Poison Papers




Concerns Over Sinkhole Dangers Ignored in Louisiana

19 09 2012

In the past two days the dramatic increase in tremors at the sinkhole and the new sinkhole expansion are causing big concerns for people in Assumption Parish. Locals don’t all believe the explanations from Texas Brine about what they are doing.

Many fear an explosion from all the new gas bubbles. Many fear worse than that as the sinkhole and gas-pipe network lie right on the New Madrid Fault. As this unease spreads authorities have announced they won’t attend a town hall meeting slated for tomorrow.

The news will be updated at our other blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

Fracking Taints Water – EPA

10 12 2011

EPA links fracking to tainted water


WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday linked hydraulic fracturing with groundwater contamination in Wyoming — a first-of-its-kind conclusion by the federal agency that could trigger new scrutiny of the practice used to extract oil and natural gas nationwide. . .  (more)

Fukushima and the Long List of Lies

13 06 2011

from From the Trenches World Report

On March 11, 2011, as a result of an earthquake followed by a tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant failed. Even as the people of the world were trying to come to grips with the implications, the cover-up had already begun. TEPCO is the company that built and managed the six reactor nuclear facility. In bits and pieces of information that came to light in the following weeks we found out that there were many safety violations by TEPCO that were evidently swept under the carpet by the international nuclear regulatory agency.

Last week it was revealed that the Japanese government knew that the number one reactor had melted down shortly after the crisis began. And now it is coming to light that three of the reactors at the facility experienced total meltdown and there were nuclear explosions. All the while the people of Japan, and indeed the people of the world were being fed a series of lies designed to minimize the situation.

In the past couple of months there has been a deliberate attempt to remove Fukushima from the reality of the peoples around the world. The EPA has refused to test fish in the Gulf of Alaska for radioactive contamination. You will remember From the Trenches was the first to point out the obvious in that as the plant sits directly adjacent to the ocean the sea water had to be experiencing contamination, which we predicted would be spread around the world via the ocean currents. . .  . (more)