The Meaning of Blue and White Stripes on the Temple at Little St. James – Mamluks and Pedos

25 07 2019

Pedo Island of Jeffrey Epstein –

Venetian embassy to the Mamluks in Damascus in 1511

This Mamluks connection was discovered by this fellow, Redpill Ken (who uses strong language but makes good points). Mamluks were big time pedophiles – 


And then we find out this stuff is supposed to be all around L.A. too . . . cre-e-e-epy! 


IKKK-K-K!  They’re everywhere!

Epstein Pedo Scandal P.5

6 02 2019

We continue our series –

Now we will share information on John of God as it quickly links the Clintons in the mire.

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CF-Gate: Heinous John of God Factory Child-Sex-Slave Operator and Murderer tied to Bill Clinton

Now this all intersects with PIZZAGATE.

Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic featured child pimp “John of God” in documantary film

Abramovic’s ties with “John of God” 

The woman who outed John of God (Brazilian Clinton/Oprah faith healer) in 2018 just committed suicide. This is a few days after new accusations were made about baby farming and teen sex slaves.

Brazilian ‘Healer’ John De Deus Allegedly Held Underage Girls As Sex Slaves And Sold Their Babies. Allegedly, The Girls Were Killed. 


We will add additional John of God items here and other topics in the comments.