Fracking Connection to Hawaii Volcano Getting Hard to Ignore

26 06 2018

In recent posts and added comments we came across some very odd items about the Hawaii volcano.

For clarity we’re reposting them here. We are joining others who think this fracking operation at the so-called power plant is the crux of the problem.
The volcano may not be Pele’s wrath but a deliberate attempt to wreck Hawaii (or get rid of the people there) and maybe the US west coast too.

Earlier we had the fracking info (discovered by Dr. Michael Salla, not us) on The Bugle
Hawaii volcano, fracking at that geothermal plant and did it cause the volcano to erupt?

So they can quit denying they are doing fracking or worse at the site.
These two items are worth more attention –


VIDEO – Volcanic Smoke, Clouds & Summit Anomalies Collection


Logic Before Authority made a big discovery  –

His video

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