Battle of Algiers

21 04 2013

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Covert War Against Enviro-Activists

21 05 2011

Why are Eco and Animal Activists the Top Domestic Terrorism Threat?

by Will Potter

. . . . If you listen to the talking points of corporations, industry groups, and politicians, it is because of the property destruction of underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front. These groups have engaged in serious crimes that have cost corporations millions of dollars in damages and lost profits. Law enforcement has noted that these movements have not harmed a single human being, but they warn about the potential for future violence.

As I became immersed in this issue, though, I came to realize that the perceived threat of these movements is much bigger than burned SUVs, animals released from fur farms, or even the specter of future violence.

The terrorism rhetoric has expanded far beyond the militant fringes of these movements. Mainstream, nonviolent groups like Greenpeace, Peta, and the Humane Society have all been labeled “terrorists” by corporate PR campaigns and investigated as “terrorists” by the FBI. And new legislation being considered in Iowa and Minnesota doesn’t target underground groups, it criminalizes undercover investigators who document animal cruelty.

The common thread between such disparate groups is not the tactics they use; it is that they all, in their own ways, have effectively targeted corporate profits and created cultural change. As a bulletin to law enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security warned: “Attacks against corporations by animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists are costly to the targeted company and, over time, can undermine confidence in the economy.” . . .
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11 05 2011

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NO fire at WTC South – NYFD audio tape

6 03 2010

MI5 Dame: British Intelligence Busy Creating Terror Events

11 08 2009

from Codshit

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, director general of MI5, wants Brits to be afraid.

“There are up to 30 alleged ‘mass casualty’ terror plots in operation in Britain, as well as hundreds of young British Muslims on a path to radicalization,” reports the Independent. “Describing the scale of the home-grown terrorist problem, she said MI5 and the police were tackling 200 groups or networks totalling more than 1,600 identified individuals in the UK who were ‘actively engaged in plotting or facilitating terrorist acts,’” never mind that such terrorist acts rarely come to fruition, usually instead sputtering out into absurd allegations of liquid bombs and other fantastical plots nipped in the bud, or so we are expected to believe, that is after we suspend credibility, again for the umpteenth time.

In addition to freeze-drying credibility, Manningham-Buller would have us stooped with amnesia as well.

A bit of Google sleuthing produces embarrassing results on the depth and breadth of British involvement in terrorism…. (more)