The Who’s-Who of Absentees NOT at The National September 11 Memorial dedication

17 05 2014

In crime stories the killer always returns to the scene of the crime.   holmes

9-11 Truth students surely took note of the the big opening of New York’s newest high-security zone, the memorial at ‘Ground Zero’ last Thursday.

Here are some snippets –

NY TimesObama Dedicates 9/11 Memorial Museum

“Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg played host for the event, joined by a plethora of other major figures from the region, including Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and former Gov. George E. Pataki.”

“Joining Mr. Obama for a tour of the museum before the ceremony were former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. A spokesman for former President George W. Bush, who was in office on the day of the attacks, said he was invited but could not make it because of a scheduling conflict.”

NY Daily News –  ‘Nothing can ever break us’: Dedicating the National September 11 Museum

Former Presidents George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter were invited to the ceremony, but could not attend, a spokesman said. “

This next one from Atlantic City NBC affiliate is so pathetic it is here in its entirety –

NBC40 – NY, NJ governors among 9/11 museum dignitaries

NEW YORK (AP) – Dignitaries attending the dedication of the National September 11 Memorial Museum range from President Barack Obama to state and local officials.
Obama walked quietly through an expansive hall with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The first lady, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton followed them.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former New York Gov. George Pataki were among the notable arrivals.
Also present were New York City’s current mayor, Bill de Blasio, and former mayors Rudy Giuliani and David Dinkins.
Victims’ families, some survivors and uniformed officers also attended the ceremony.
Some took photos with a board member, the actor Robert De Niro.

 So where were the authors of the Iraq invasion/oil grab  and false flag opera?





 (CIA Dir.) HaydenMIA


911 Blogger –  Grand Opening – May 21, 2014: National September 11 Memorial Museum

“History has shown us that in order to maintain an official myth, there must be an official consecration of that myth. Unfortunately, this is what will be taking place at Ground Zero on May 21, 2014.
It’s the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, an elaborate, taxpayer-funded, public relations campaign to forever cement the fantastic claims of the official conspiracy theory into the history books. And that is why we are now reaching out to you.”

Glenn Greenwald –  Washington’s High-powered Terrorist Supporters

” . . . In August of last year, The Christian Science Monitor ‘s Scott Peterson published a detailed exposé about “a high-powered array of former top American officials” who have received “tens of thousands of dollars” from a designated Terrorist organization — the Iranian dissident group Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) — and then met with its leaders, attended its meetings, and/or publicly advocated on its behalf. That group includes Rudy Giuliani, Howard Dean, Michael Mukasey, Ed Rendell, Andy Card, Lee Hamilton, Tom Ridge, Bill Richardson, Wesley Clark, Michael Hayden, John Bolton, Louis Freeh — and Fran Townsend. “

Ray McGovern & Coleen Rowley – Counterterrorism in Shambles; Why?

” . . . The 9/11 Commissioners had been fretting over the fact that, in their words, “No one was in charge of coordination among intelligence agencies.” That was true, but only because George Tenet much preferred to cavort with foreign potentates and thugs, than to do the job of Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).

It was not a systemic problem, but one of personal irresponsibility. Ignoring that, a new systemic “solution” was sought, and implemented, where none was needed. By law, the Director of Central Intelligence was responsible precisely for coordinating the work of the entire intelligence community, as the principal intelligence adviser to the President (National Security Act of 1947).”

Oct. 17 Earthquake “Drill” SAME DAY as US Debt Deadline

14 10 2013

Item:  Great ShakeOut earthquake drill set Oct. 17

Contributor, Ms Reesa at the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle noticed this comes the same day as the debt default scare.

MarketWatch – Oct. 14, 2013, – U.S. stocks decline as debt-limit deadline looms
“With the nation’s borrowing authority scheduled to expire in three days, Senate Majority Leader... blah, blah…

We bet Wall Street traders will be under desks on Oct. 17th and it won’t be for any earthquake drill!

DANDELION SALAD – Oct 7 –   Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse? by Ellen Brown

Brit Spy Agency Link to UK “Terror” Slasher

27 05 2013

A UK mindf**k to match the Boston mindf**k

From Before Its NewsBritain’s MI5 Connection to Woolwich Slasher Michael Adebolajo

[snip] ” . . . . After revealing on TV that Adebolajo was in Kenya and was being recruited or perhaps ‘groomed’ in some way – by the British intelligence services, the attacker’s childhood friend and BBC Newsnight guest, Abu Nusaybah, was prompted arrested by the British Anti-Terror[sic] agency should raise more questions than answers.


The Guardian [UK] Man detained after claiming on television that Michael Adebolajo was tortured in Kenya and harassed by MI5 agents

The FBI Boston-Chechnya charade by Pepe Escobar

25 04 2013

The Boston bombing was major blowback. That much is certain. The question is, what level of blowback?

It could have been a covert op gone real bad. It could have been blowback from former ”freedom fighters” – in this case ethnic Chechens – reconverted into terra-rists. It could have been straight blowback for United States foreign policy targeting Muslims, whether dispatching them to Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib or Bagram, extraordinarily renditioning them, or target assassinating them.

The FBI, predictably, is not admitting any of these three options. It sticks to a convoluted screenplay worthy of those cocaine-fueled Hollywood nights in the 1980s; a couple of bad guys who ”hate our freedoms” because… they do.

As I’ve written elsewhere in a sort of preamble for this article, there are inter-galactic holes in the story of the Tsarnaev brothers. Now we also know – via their mother – that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was monitoring elder brother Tamerlan for at least five years. In a subsequent interview to CNN’s Piers Morgan, the mother actually talked, significantly, about ”counseling”. . .  (more)

Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay

25 04 2013

Last photo says it all … he ran away with his harmless backpack.

Same script as 7-7.

Same attention getting behavior in the mosque (older bro.) as Oswald in Mexico… creating a scene so people will remember time & place.

UPDATE, June 3
The state killing of Ibragim Todashev

Smell a Rat? Homeland Security Warns of Terrorist Wildfire Attacks

14 06 2012

dated June 2nd –

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security and fusion centers around the country are warning that terrorists are interested in using fire as a weapon, particularly in the form of large-scale wildfires near densely populated areas. . . . blah, blah, blah


[DENVER FBI office] FBI Inspire Magazine Encourages the Use of Wildfires in Jihad

. . .  and the magazine is run by a guy from QUEENS, NY (!!!) and…. we  KILLED HIM …. back in 2011(!!!)

UPDATE, July 21

Oh – and Dept. of Homeland Security  puts out instructions for how to make an “ember bomb to CREATE FOREST FIRES(!!!)

Not ‘classified’ or confidential or anything . . .

Be sure an TEST that ’ember bomb’ in a super dry forest near a huge population!!!!!   Duh-oh!


    short link to this page is

NATO and 9/11: Declaration of the Latvian Antiglobalists

7 09 2011

Riga, 7th September 2011

To all peoples of the world, NATO nations and NATO occupied countries

1.Following the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 event and the evidence that this was pre-arranged as an excuse for further illegal global invasions in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.) to succeed earlier invasions in the Balkans and Afghanistan.

2.Whereas the government of Latvia and the Parliament members have not been elected constitutionally because the Constitution of Latvia (Satversme) requires that all citizens have the right to become Parliamentarians. It therefore follows that for the last 20 years the country has been governed illegally by a minority chosen out of the 1% who are Party members. The word “Party” does not occur in the Latvian Constitution.

3.In view of the worsening military and political situation in the Middle East, and because these developments may lead to a 3rd world war. . . . (more)

As the war machine cranks up its propaganda efforts around the tenth anniversary of their kick-off campaign it will be left to bloggers and researchers to keep telling the truth about the false flag “attack” on 9-11. – F.C.