Australia – Sky News will expose Fauci’s Wuhan Lab Funding Op Tomorrow

19 09 2021

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Maybe Lancet got wind of it and is trying to do damage control – Now the Lancet U-turns over Covid lab leak theory and publishes ‘alternative view’ calling for a ‘transparent debate’ on the origins of the virus


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Blue Blood Auchincloss Tie to Covid Czars

8 08 2021

Housatonic describes  coup at CDC, NIAID and FDA –








In North Carolina, Home to the Notorious Baric-UNC Chapel Hill Coronavirus Lab, Health Dept. Brings Covid-19 Shots to the Doorstep

15 07 2021

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They should telephone or have the property manager contact people and not just show up on people’s doorsteps, and yet they are doing just that in various places across the United States.

Remember that North Carolina is home to the Baric lab, which has engaged in gain of function coronavirus research and which has partnered with the Wuhan Virology Institute (WIV). Because of patents, Baric and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill may make some money from the vaccines. Additionally, the COVID-19 could have been designed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill:

These door to door vaccine pushers in LA (Los Angeles or Louisiana?) do not appear to know much English:

If you are a home-property owner then put up your “No Trespassing Signs”, unless you want a vaccine: You may want to investigate the trespassing laws for your state. If you aren’t…

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Fauci’s Cover Blown

1 06 2021

Washington Examiner Key figure in Wuhan research thanked Fauci for downplaying lab leak hypothesis

“A key figure in coronavirus research at a Wuhan laboratory personally thanked Dr. Anthony Fauci for downplaying the likelihood that COVID-19 originated in a lab — even though the possibility remains, more than a year later, under investigation.

Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, a research group that secured a grant to perform coronavirus research in Wuhan before the pandemic, wrote to Fauci in April of last year “to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators” after Fauci dismissed the idea that the pandemic started due to a lab accident in Wuhan.” . . . (more)


The Fauci e-mails




Fauci’s lies about Wuhan Lab exposed on headlines around the world 💥 …then mass shooting in San Jose wipes if off the news

26 05 2021

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Republicans call for Dr Fauci to be fired or resign after umpteen U-turns on COVID and its origins: He now tries to DEFEND giving $600K to Wuhan lab to study how viruses can transmit from bats to humans before the COVID outbreak

Biden Shut Down Wuhan Lab Investigation Probing COVID-19 Origins: Report

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At least eight killed in mass shooting at San Jose rail yard union meeting