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14 08 2022

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Why were trapped survivors of Hurricane Michael left to die?

18 10 2018

Volunteers searching for 1,135 people in Florida: Authorities say it will still take weeks to repair downed lines to reconnect customers
“VOLUNTEERS”?? How about paid professionals looking 24/7?


In small inland town of Fountain, Florida this man says no one bothered to come through his community to check if people were alive for 5 days.

FEMA just spent a fortune on the simulated hurricane Cora exercise – and they have a budget of 13 billion. Where is FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force? Why are they using “volunteers”? The Urban Search and Rescue Task Force has fancy stuff like “seismic listening devices (Delsar)” so deploy it already.

This item from the Georgia National Guard describes them stumbling across a survivor … but they weren’t even looking for survivors, they were delivering supplies. In that case it looks like no one was looking. Again that man had been not-looked-for for a week(!).

The Florida National Guard should be equipped to search at night. Their (defunct) website shows all the “stuff” they have. The trapped people should have been rescued by now. They seem to be tasked with clearing roads and distributing vital supplies. “He [David Passey, FEMA spokesman] said in the short term, the goal is to “get the debris removed from the area so emergency food and water can get in and the local supply chain – grocery stores, hardware stores – can get back in and do their thing.”

The efforts described in this Oct. 12 news report describe all big agencies rushing to look for survivors, using drones and helicopters etc. But that commitment seems short lived according to interviews with residents. This picture from Oct. 11 shows National Guard working after dark.

The hashtag “AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere” touted on the National Guard twitter feed has no entries after 2017. Sounds more like #MaybeReadyThereLastYear.

With so many thousands made homeless across the southeast by hurricanes Michael and Florence and their tropical storm tails we will be following the  desperation increase and the action/inaction taken by all-in-one agencies like FEMA.


ALSO – Hurricane Florence – We are watching FEMA head, Brock Long


NC Flooded Rivers to Crest this Weekend – Isolated, Limping Nuke Plant Poised for Catastrophe

22 09 2018

Sat. – Water is still RISING in many counties in NC –

“…Thirty flood gauges in North and South Carolina showed flooding on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.
A week after Florence made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane, North Carolina is still feeling its effects, Governor Roy Cooper said. “Some locations won’t see rivers crest until this weekend and flooding won’t subside until next week,”  ….”

” . . . The coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina, was still mostly cut off by floodwaters on Friday….”

Rivers in Flood Stage Map –  https://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=flood&sid=w__map&r=nc : 

Brunswick nuke plant is in shut-down-restart-on-off status like flickering light bulb. All we know from anyone is what the NRC is saying …. that they are on top of everything and they had a 2 hour head start to try an instant shut down of 2 big Fukushima-style nuclear reactors sitting at the mouth of a major river AND near a surging ocean  before hurricane Florence hit. We have nothing but a short NRC report about shutting down both reactors after the fact and some mild statements from Duke Energy’s spokesman.

The local and national press has not challenged the NRC’s claims the plant is perfectly safe, instead they dwell on what workers had for breakfast. They didn’t ask about control room electricity which Duke said had “off-site power”. Over 98% of the electricity was down in the county at the time.

They also aren’t asking how an emergency like a fire or inside flooding is going to be handled with NO ROAD ACCESS TO THE PLANT. No firetrucks can come over and extra staff or National Guardsmen can only arrive by small boats. The public has no idea if any skilled nuclear workers are standing by to help in an emergency.

With all of the news video and photos of the flooded towns and roadways we cannot find a single photo or video showing Brunswick nuke plant even though they show everything else around Wilmington. Is there water inside the plant at this point? If there isn’t, why don’t they prove it? Why hasn’t Duke Energy allowed the press to come to the plant with the workers if everything is so under control? Did any media even ask to go out there? 

We know the current flooding (getting worse this weekend) has cut off roads all across the state –

Florence damaged hundreds of NC roads and bridges. When will they be repaired?

If there is an emergency at Brunswick or at Vogtle or any other nuke plant in the flooded southeast states HOW CAN THE PUBLIC EVACUATE?

Katrina was a bad enough non-evacuation … this could be 10 times worse. 100 times worse.


Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program [PDF]

The Mass Evacuation Incident Annex to the National Response Framework   [PDF]



FEMA did large-scale (simulated) Hurricane Cora exercise from April 30 to May11, 2018. Simulation striking the Mid-Atlantic states.

13 09 2018

The Baltimore Sun –
A hurricane simulation done months ago was alarmingly similar to Florence. The damage was catastrophic.

“In the scenario, Cora also slammed hurricane-force winds into three nuclear power stations. One was damaged. Thirty-three major power substations were at risk from storm surge and major flooding.”

“NLE 2018 featured a comprehensive simulated media environment, including synthetic television, radio, print and social media, and organization websites. News reports, storm advisories, player interviews, GIS modeling, and other scenario elements were revealed to players through the synthetic media platform. The synthetic media platform included news and social media updates which changed based on player actions, interviews, and public affairs activities throughout.”

It was called NLE 2018. News stories from AP do not link to the simulation study. FEMA has a short PR item on it.

2015 paper from Argonne National (nuke) Lab looking at hurricanes and electrical grid “damage to power distribution” doesn’t mention potential damage to nuke plants.

There seems only simulation, discussion of delivering electricity from utilities and NO attention to damaged nuke plants or nuke waste storage areas.

The Emergency and Disaster Analysis Group at Argonne nuke labs.

FEMA blog – Preparing Emergency Managers for Hurricane Season

“…In addition to regular training, FEMA led the 2018 National Level Exercise for the simulated Category 4 Hurricane Cora that hit the Virginia coast and simulated a direct strike on Washington, D.C. FEMA’s National Exercise Division led the planning and execution of this large-scale exercise, which was held from April 30 to May11, 2018.

While the 2017 hurricane season was quite active, FEMA and Emergency Managers in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia were – fortunately – not directly affected, so the exercise allowed emergency managers in those locations to test and execute their hurricane planning, response, and recovery actions.”

FEMA – National Level Exercise 2018

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) leads national-level exercises every two years. National Level Exercise (NLE) 2018 brought together more than 12,000 individuals across the whole community to examine the ability of all levels of government, private industry, and nongovernmental organizations to protect against, respond to, and recover from a major Mid-Atlantic hurricane. Additionally, more than 450,000 individuals participated in personal preparedness activities and accountability drills as part of the exercise.”


Fancy mapping webpage with hurricane simulation predicting various needs. How does hurricane relief spending compare to these science projects and super computer budgets? Here’s an expensive one – on hurricane Florence “tools”.

Another puff piece – InsideHS: Hurricane ‘Cora’ Is Coming, So NLE18 Leans Forward with Information. We hope they sent these new FEMA t-shirts down to Puerto Rico to at least do something useful in hurricane relief!

Concerns Over Sinkhole Dangers Ignored in Louisiana

19 09 2012

In the past two days the dramatic increase in tremors at the sinkhole and the new sinkhole expansion are causing big concerns for people in Assumption Parish. Locals don’t all believe the explanations from Texas Brine about what they are doing.

Many fear an explosion from all the new gas bubbles. Many fear worse than that as the sinkhole and gas-pipe network lie right on the New Madrid Fault. As this unease spreads authorities have announced they won’t attend a town hall meeting slated for tomorrow.

The news will be updated at our other blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

FEMA and NRC Cannot Decide if Fukushima Warrants ANY Nuke Safety Action in USA [!!!]

22 05 2012

“Officials for FEMA and the NRC said they are still studying whether Japan’s experience points to the need for further changes in the United States” 

dated May 16 - AP long investigation

They also say:

Without fanfare, the nation’s nuclear power regulators have overhauled community emergency planning for the first time in more than three decades, requiring fewer exercises for major accidents and recommending that fewer people be evacuated right away.

An AP investigative series in June exposed weaknesses in the U.S. emergency planning program. The stories detailed how many nuclear reactors are now operating beyond their design life under rules that have been relaxed to account for deteriorating safety margins. The series also documented dramatic population growth around nuclear power plants and limitations in the scope of emergency exercises. For example, local authorities assemble at command centers where they test communications, but they do not deploy around the community, reroute traffic or evacuate anyone as in a real emergency [!!!!!!]

. . .  community planners wonder why local forces won’t have to practice repelling an attack [!!!!] along with plant security guards – something federal emergency planners acknowledge could be necessary in a real assault. . . .

. . .  some planning exercises incorporate a reassuring premise: that little or no harmful radiation is released . . .

. . .   required 50-mile planning exercises will now be held less often: every eight years, instead of every six years. . .

. . .   the revisions also favor limiting initial evacuations, even in a severe accident. . . .


The U.S. government recommended that Americans stay at least 50 miles from the Japanese plant. Government officials said the same kind of action could be taken domestically in a similar accident, but advance planning for U.S. evacuations is, in fact, restricted to 10 miles.


This is reassuring (snort) – The comfortably staffed and well funded LOCAL civil servants are going to be ” practicing critical capabilities, even though they won’t need to measure and respond to radiation and they’ll get no FEMA or NRC staff or help while they’re at it. Because they are so comfortably staffed and well funded no doubt! And nuke plants NEVER release radiation in a plant emergency or earthquake or terror attack.


Great reporting is by Jeff Donn, emphasis in type add by the F.C.

Read it all herehttp://www.wmctv.com/story/18432037/ap-impact-evacs-and-drills-pared-near-nuke-plants

AP: we are reproducing parts of the story under the Fair Use provision of the copyright law.

Arnie Gundersen Update: White House NRC Nuclear Emergency Evacuation Recommendations (video)

6 06 2011

LINK – http://youtu.be/wV4zPiyCAeA

Oh yeah. Messed up post nuke-accident plans by the (US) NRC.
They think parents won’t drive to schools to pick up their kids (clogging narrow roads). Fairy tale thinking.
He explains.

You can read (in PDF format) Reg. 0396 he quotes from here.