Did Erdogan Coup Himself?

17 07 2016

Was the air attack strafing and military show of non-force this week a big PSY-OP planned to expand his power?

  • No one stepped in to claim possession of any region, offices or bases at the height of the chaos.
  • No follow up defector-military action took place.
  • No one turned off cell phones or communication as in Egypt during that uprising.
  • Erdogan seemed unconcerned with his own safety amid the event and stepped out in public to declare the coup over in front of the international press. He had no protection from sniper fire and unknown air cover.

Zero Hedge has 2 articles on it-

Consider that Turkey is home to US bases that run terrur ops and supply to Syria and helps sell oil stolen from Syria and is the European/World pipeline hub of heroin (Afghanistan poppies converted there or on the way there).

UPDATE:  Trowbridge Ford disagrees and says why in comments.
Newer updates in comments + more on Zero Hedge and other sites.