Where it all began – Unit 731 – US brought germ war idea from Japan

22 03 2022

From China’s state media –

US pardoned Japan’s war criminals in exchange for Unit 731 chemical weapons – how trustworthy is its clarification on Ukraine labs?

More about Unit 731 (WARNING: very disturbing)

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On Ukraine’s Bio-Warfare Labs ⚗





Terrorist, Fauci, Funded Wuhan Virus and then Tries to Advise the White House on it!

2 05 2020

LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2vGnL-pcJ4


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In 2005 US was perfectly OK with Taiwan’s Level 4 Biological Warfare Lab

17 04 2020


Found on WikiLeaks’ Cablegate page –


Classified By: AIT Acting Director David Keegan, Reasons 1.4 b/d

1. (S//NF) Action request para 3. On November 3, NHDetect
CEO and President David Trudil discussed with AIT COMM and
ECON officers a formal advocacy request that his company is
submitting through the USDOC Advocacy Center regarding its
bid on the first phase of a planned level 4 pathogens ward.
Trudil explained that level 4 pathogens are
"genetically-engineered bugs that can destroy the world;" far
more dangerous than anthrax, SARS, or avian influenza. He
said Taiwan already had an operational level 4 laboratory,
and that he had recently arranged a tour of these facilities
for U.S. DOD and CDC personnel in exchange for DOD allowing
Taiwan MND and CDC to tour the U.S. level 4 ward located at
Fort Detrick, Maryland.
(AIT ECON and COMM were unaware of
these visits. Reftel report on the DOD tour noted that the
Taiwan facility claims to have a sample of a smallpox strain
that produces a 100% fatality rate.) Trudil noted that there
is currently only one other level 4 ward in the world,
located in Siberia.

2. (S//NF) According to Trudil, funding for the level 4 ward
was approved five years ago as part of Taiwan,s MND budget,
however, the funds have since been transferred to CDC.
Trudil claims to have known Taiwan CDC Director Steve Kuo for
several years. NHDetect is partnering with Battelle on the
bid. Trudil and Battelle National Security Division Vice
President David Robinson will make their bid presentation to
Taiwan CDC on November 4. Trudil gave AIT officers copies of
an advocacy letter from U.S. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.
Trudil said he was unaware of any restrictions on the export
of equipment or technology related to level 4 pathogens, but
that Battelle lawyers would certainly check and apply for any
needed licenses. Trudil also mentioned that Taiwan would be
hosting an international biological defense conference in
early December that would be attended by U.S. CDC and DOD

3. (S//NF) Action request: Given the WMD aspects of this
project, AIT requests Department coordinate with the Advocacy
Center on how to respond to the advocacy request, and provide
AIT with general guidance on what restrictions exist on the
export of equipment and technology related to level 4


You can find your own scoop on WikiLeaks’ cablegate page. Pull up the China topic documents using “CH” tag and get more instructions on the left side of the page.

♦  US State Dept. Glossary of Acronyms


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Army, Engaged

10 04 2020

All About Fort Detrick

Dark Matters a Lot

Thousands sign petition to renew search for Fort Detrick cancer cluster

“Cancer took Linda Longenecker’s son and her father. It took Bruce Linton’s wife. And both of Valiree Stine’s parents. They all lived near Fort Detrick. Despite two state investigations that didn’t find a cancer cluster, years of failed lawsuits and denied claims, families — the Lintons, the Longeneckers, the Stines and many more — can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the story.More than 5,600 people have signed a Change.orgpetition that asks Maryland’s U.S. senators to take another look at a possible cancer cluster near Fort Detrick.The petition was created about a month ago by Randy White, who leads the Kristen Renee Foundation. In the petition, White asks U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning and the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), to “clean the…

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Erased from History – Bio-Weapon Anthrax Attacks After 9-11 . . . so very familiar to today . . .

15 03 2020

So many clues lead straight to the US military and secret, illegal, bio-weapons projects.

“Hatfill was welcomed into the bioweapons cabal in the late 90’s upon his return to the U.S. from South Africa. He became a protege to Bill Patrick, considered by many to be America’s leading bioweaponeer and the holder of several secret patents for the anthrax weaponization process. Hatfill was involved in numerous Pentagon “black” projects through his role as a consultant for Science Applications International, and the Pentagon appears to have been pleased with his work. The Pentagon seems to have been largely unaware of Hatfill’s growing problems at work — including his loss of a security clearance after a failed polygraph in the summer of 2001. Again, we see a case of one government agency not knowing — or pressing to find out — about the security concerns surfacing in another federal agency.”
ALT. LINK – http://archive.fo/5J5u

Fort Detrick Scientist “Commits Suicide” as Anthrax investigation closes in

ALT. LINK – http://archive.fo/DGnCe


And now we find almost NO interest in tracing the origins of the election year surprise virus from bio-lab-connected Wuhan and no interest in Harvard’s “special” interest in China.

Besides happening right during the primary cycle of the US election, the virus outbreak occurs when world headlines are exposing the biggest deepest-state pedophile ring in the world with connections to royal houses and top science labs and heads of state. Now the only headlines around the world involve the corona virus.
Think about that.