Dana Durnford Exposes CNN Faking News About Fukushima Unit 4

19 06 2016

Shocking Betrayal CNN Anna Coren Fakes Fukushima Unit 4 Reactor

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Ho9JNcRr1nI


As pointed out in the comments on the video … this actress is posing in front of a GREEN SCREEN all dressed up in a radiation suit!







Who is Nuke Shill, Steve Elwart, and Who Does He Work For?

5 02 2014

Making the rounds yesterday is this idiotic pep story about Fukushima repair by shameless nuke shill, Steve Elwart.

Super-Cool Plan To Save Japan From Radiation

It goes on about a freeze wall idea to stop the contaminated water at the site. The idea is 3 years too late and the 3 China Syndrome events at the site are far beyond the reach of an ice wall by now. He’s pretty chipper about it as if TEPCO invented the idea. There’s lots of literature on it from 1995. So it isn’t anything new.

Who is this guy?

He says in his article he works for a fundie Christian mail order degree mill and travel agency, The Koinonia Institute. And he says he’s with the Dept. of Homeland Security. He is all over the net wring anti-Islam items like this and big right-wing thoughts about the US invasion of Iraq.

He leaves out he’s

AFPM is an anti-pollution-control regulation lobbying group for the biggest polluters in the US.


This Ergon joint makes “lubricating grease” and has over 100 employees and has unknown assets because it’s privately held. Hmmm. Oil, secret assets, mid-east travel, ultra-right Middle East propaganda author, lots of sources of income . . . . he sure sounds like a quite a traveler!


Who is nuke shill David Perlman and who does he work for?

Who is nuke shill Maggie Koerth-Baker?

MORE nuke shill stories here exposing fake journos.

short link –  http://wp.me/pA5vn-3gz