Jay Cullen Thinks Polar Bears Dying from Poor Ice Habitat – NOT Fukushima Radiation(!)

28 07 2016

Denying Japan radiation to the end –


He tweeted this –

He must’ve missed these stories –

Ken & Jay: Do Bears Sh*t in the Woods?

Nuke Pro – Nuclear Radiation Is Far More Toxic to the Living Environment Than Previously Thought.

With North Pacific in Death Throes U Vic Minion and Pretend-Scientist, Jay Cullen Still Thinks Everything’s Fine

Academics Under the TEPCO Spell ($$$$)

Dana Durnford’s Post-Fukushima Odyssey: Documenting Ecocide on Canada’s West Coast



Trees Dying in Nova Scotia From Fukushima Radiation

23 08 2014

Honey, I killed the planet!

LINK –  http://youtu.be/WKf11ULlrYI