Grenfell Tower inflammable cladding was never tested

28 02 2018

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Grenfell Tower claddingBy Richard Tyler in Britain:

Grenfell Tower combustible cladding was never tested

27 February 2018

The cladding used in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower was never subject to legally required fire safety tests.

According to the London Times, no record of independent testing of the cladding/insulation system has been found by three separate investigations into the Grenfell fire, including the government’s own expert panel on fire safety, the Metropolitan Police and the Hackitt Review into building regulations.

The potential risk extends to 299 other high-rise buildings in England that use similar cladding and insulation, including at least nine hospitals, 160 social housing blocks, 31 student residences, 13 public buildings and 95 private residential blocks.

The Times quotes a source with knowledge of the investigations saying, “The question has to be asked is how on earth did this material come to be installed on all of those…

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Dubai Torch Tower Fire Very Unlike Grenfell Towers Fire

7 08 2017

The Daily Mail Revealed: Wealthy residents of Dubai Torch Tower were texted, phoned AND emailed when blaze broke out… giving them time to pack and evacuate in just 10 minutes – unlike Grenfell victims who were told to stay put

“. . . the Torch ‘apparently has a similar type of cladding to Grenfell Tower but the response was very different.”

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A Tale of 2 Disasters

Grenfell fire and social cleansing in London

25 07 2017

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This 20 July 2017 video from England is called Grenfell Tower: survivors rage at councillors and conflicts of interest in testing exposed.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Grenfell fire: social cleansing by London councils widespread

24 July 2017

Last year, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council (RBKC) raised more money from the sale of two council houses than it spent on the combustible cladding used to “refurbish” Grenfell Tower.

The cheap cladding and insulation material ensured a fourth-floor fridge fire became a blazing inferno that rapidly consumed the 24-storey building, killing at least 80 people.

Just £3.5 million was spent on the cladding surrounding the 120-apartment high-rise. In contrast, the Conservative-controlled council raised £4.5 million from the sale of two three-bedroom homes in the richer southern part of the borough, according to financial records obtained by the Guardian.

The newspaper reports that one of…

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London – All the cladding samples tested failed fire test + Evacuation-ordered-tenants distrustful

25 06 2017

UK: All building cladding samples tested failed fire safety

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s government is urging local officials across the country to submit samples of tower block cladding “as a matter of urgency” after tests found that all cladding samples so far have failed fire safety tests.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said all 34 samples tested didn’t meet fire safety standards. The national testing was ordered after a June 14 fire engulfed Grenfell Tower in London, killing at least 79 people.

A public inquiry has been ordered to determine how the unsafe cladding was allowed to be fitted in the first place. . . . (more)

Every British high-rise tested fails fire safety regulations

The Daily Mail Fears Grenfell Tower’s ‘flammable’ insulation and smoke-filled stairwell were as dangerous as cladding as 40,000 people face evacuation from their homes

Grenfell Tower’s insulation and narrow stairwell could have proved just as deadly as the block’s much-maligned cladding, it has been revealed.
Early tests carried out by police as part of a criminal investigation into the disaster found the insulating material behind the panels was even more flammable.

The TelegraphFire investigators believe the unusual design of Grenfell Tower created a chimney effect that led to the fire engulfing the building in minutes.
A well-placed source has told The Telegraph that cladding placed over ‘triangular’ shaped concrete columns may have created a void which sucked up the flames.

VIDEO: Gone in 60 seconds: Video compares British-style plastic fridge fireball with contained metal-backed US model

Footage showing how swiftly a British-style plastic-backed fridge-freezer can turn into a raging fireball has surfaced following the Grenfell Tower blaze that killed at least 79 people.

Government ‘in abrupt policy U-turn over fire safety in schools’ after the Grenfell Tower disaster

The MirrorHospitals across Britain ‘exposing patients to same fire risks as Grenfell Tower after cutting corners on safety’
In one case, chiefs at Hereford County Hospital fought to keep details of fire safety flaws secret after an enforcement notice was served on their PFI partner Mercia Healthcare

Meanwhile, the residents in the 4 tower blocks ordered vacated “for renovation” don’t trust the orders, the orderers or their safety is the motive for the action.

LATEST: Residents say tensions are rising as evacuation of towers continues

UPDATE 12.35pm: Residents yet to be evacuated from four tower blocks have claimed they are being intimidated by security guards, and that tensions are rising, as the operation to clear the buildings continues.
Around 20 households are yet to vacate their homes, with tenant Mandy Ryan claiming a security guard tried to intimidate her as she took her dogs for a walk on Sunday.
Ms Ryan, who shares her 22nd-floor flat in Dorney with her son, said the whole experience of the evacuation so far was “disruptive” and said she has encountered problems.
“I was bullied this morning trying to leave the building, he (the security guard) stood in front of the door and guys surrounded him and he said ‘we need to know who you are’,” she told the Press Association. . . . (more)


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