London Grenfell Tower survivors deceived by government

24 12 2017

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This video about London, England says about itself:

Dozens of Grenfell survivors are to spend Christmas in hotels

7 December 2017

“There’s no excuse for it” says Zita Holbourne as figures reveal dozens of Grenfell survivors are to spend Christmas in hotels

From the Irish Times today:

Grenfell survivors ‘deceived’ by rehousing promises, charity head says

Mark Simms of Rugby Portobello Trust says authorities’ lack of honesty on timescale is ‘more insulting than a lack of housing

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire were “deceived” by promises to swiftly rehouse them, a charity boss has said.

Approximately 100 households will still be living in hotels on Christmas Day, six months after the tragedy in west London.

The prime minister, Theresa May, initially said she hoped to rehouse everyone within three weeks of the fire, while the communities secretary, Sajid Javid, later told MPs the local council

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Grenfell Fire Public Inquiry: “undeniably a mass murder”

29 08 2017

From Alfred Lambremont Webre

Grenfell Fire Public Inquiry: 80 Page report finds “undeniably a mass murder and a crime against humanity of mammoth proportions.”

GRENFELL TOWERS INTENTIONAL FALSE FLAG DEMOLITION: “Twin Towers of fire” spell out the numeral 11. The “Twin Towers of Jachim and Boaz” represented by the numeral 11 are the central symbol of Freemasonry, a Zionist satanic cult dedicated to overthrowing religion in general, and in particular to destroying Islam and its Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, and “rebuilding” a satanic blood sacrifice temple overseen by the Antichrist or Dajjal. Human sacrifice, often by fire (i.e. “holocaust”) is a central preoccupation of the highest levels of Freemasonry, as explained in Kevin Barrett radio interview with former Vice Presidential candidate Art Olivier.”


The 80 page report – [PDF]—proposed-terms-of-reference—grenfell-fire-public-inquiry.pdf

Grenfell Tower fallout: over 200 blocks of flats “at risk of collapse”

16 08 2017

LINK – – UK: Residents march against social cleansing by Newham Labour council

“Newham Council is removing residents in Carpenters in order to give the land to private developers for luxury private schemes. The council is also refusing to house the homeless in the Carpenters Estate even though there are 400 vacant houses available.”

4 Weeks After Grenfell Tower Fire Kensington Council STILL INVISIBLE. Victims Not Helped by Gov’t.

16 07 2017

UK government, gentry has ABANDONED the mass murder survivors in Kensington.



That’s why they are in hiding!

Footdragging on Justice for Grenfell & Authoriies Refuse to Answer Questions About Cladding Tests

8 07 2017




Reuters – Silence over whether Grenfell Tower materials passed safety test

Three weeks after the June 14 fire, neither the two companies involved in the cladding on the Grenfell Tower nor the local authority which enforces the building codes have addressed questions from Reuters about whether that test was ever conducted and its outcome.

The test is required to show whether both materials when used together were sufficiently resistant to combustion.

Without proof that it had been carried out, the cladding system would not have met building regulations.

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The Grenfell Tower Fire – 500 Dead – The Result of Govt Negligence and Class War

27 06 2017

AND . . .
Queen’s income rises to £82m to cover cost of Buckingham Palace works

“The Queen is in line for a near-doubling of her income to more than £82m due to a government decision to increase her funding to cover “essential works” to Buckingham Palace.”
Will that include decorative cladding to make her haunted house castle more appealing? We know where she can get some cheap!

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

An excellent 5 minute exposé of the rot that has set into a once caring humankind. A must watch in my opinion.

Published on Jun 20, 2017

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Crimes Revealed in Grenfell Towers Fire < UPDATED

23 06 2017

CORRECTION:  Bottom of this post talks about Celotex cladding.  Jun. 24 news reports say it is Arconic product. A different company.


The Daily MailGrenfell Tower inferno was started by a Hotpoint fridge freezer say police who are looking at manslaughter charges as part of the investigation

  • Scotland Yard says it has seized documents from a number of organisations as part of the investigation
  • Detective Superintendent said they are considering ‘every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards’
  • The Grenfell Tower fire started in a faulty fridge-freezer and the cladding and insulation on the block has failed all safety tests, police have revealed.

Hotpoint tells customers to check fridge-freezers after Grenfell Tower fire


The Guardian Grenfell survivors were told to sign council form that ‘could waive rights’

The Guardian Grenfell Tower fire: police consider manslaughter charges

Fire safety regulations: has the government delayed reviewing them?

“Former housing minister, Gavin Barwell, failed to give the go-ahead to a safety review, despite it having been delayed for years.

A review of the fire safety part of building regulations was recommended to the government in 2013. The government said it would conduct a review and publish updated regulations in 2016/17. The regulations remain unchanged. The government says the work is ongoing.”

Theresa May’s new chief of staff [Gavin Barwell] ‘sat on’ a review of fire safety in tower blocks like Grenfell Tower

The Evening Standard Police: we are looking at all charges including manslaughter, and all firms involved

“…the cladding and the insulation failed all safety tests.
“The insulation was more flammable than the cladding. Tests show the insulation samples combusted soon after the test started.””
“… Previously, police said they would examine everything from the cause of the fire to the management of the building, recent refurbishments and fire safety measures and whether panels were fitted unlawfully.”
“…Celotex, an Ipswich-based company, has said it made the insulation which fitted between the cladding and the concrete wall of the tower.
The firm said the product had Class 0 rating, which prevented flames from spreading and limited the amount of heat released.”

The CELOTEX company website claims, “As we previously stated, our records show a Celotex product (RS5000) was purchased for use in refurbishing the building. This product has a fire rating classification of Class 0, in accordance with British Standards. Celotex RS5000 is the insulation component specifically tested as part of a system to British Standard BS8414-2:2005. When the system is designed and installed in line with this, RS5000 meets the criteria set out in BRE Report BR 135 ‘Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multi storey buildings.’”

A map of the location in Ipswich – and you can write a review of their product –
The parent company seems to be Saint-Gobain, a giant multinational who make “multicomfort solutions”. That’s a new word for it.

Celotex – Rainscreen Cladding
Premium performance PIR insulation boards for use with a range of rainscreen cladding systems.

“Relevant for both new build and refurbishment projects, rainscreen cladding is a popular choice for large multi-storey buildings; however structural performance, wind loading, fire performance and thermal efficiency are all considerations for the building designer. Constructions designed with high levels of insulation benefit from reduced running costs and lower levels of carbon emissions.”

PDF – –  Product Application | Specifications

PIR face book page!

The MirrorPrivate landlords aren’t being forced to fire-test housing block cladding – even if it’s similar to Grenfell Tower

On the list of privately-owned blocks, [the Downing Street spokeswoman] said: “We don’t know the number and we don’t know the volume of those yet.”