Nuke Pro is Watching Hawaii – Unusual Earthquake and Volcanic Activity

3 09 2019

Unusual Earthquake and Volcanic Activity on the “Big Island”

” . . . Now, the main active crater, is filling with boiling water, bigger than a few Olympic swimming pools. “


non-updated Kīlauea volcano info from USGS

5.5 Quake hits Hawaii near volcano – Nuke Pro reports

13 03 2019

5.5 quake USGS Report

Nuke- Pro
Quake Rocks Hawaii — Same Setup As Last Year Mega Volcano Eruption <- has maps

Nuke-Pro Sounds Alarm Over Hawaii Volcano Quake Activity

30 01 2019

USGS “Hiding” Earthquake Hits at Moana Loa, Largest Volcano in World, And Primed to Erupt

“Unfreaking Believable, I have seen this 4 times now in 2 months, and NEVER before that. They Disappeared a Caldera Hit EQ!!!!!!!

First review the “hiding”, then below, my warning for a Big Quake and I am specifically calling for California / Cascadia OR Kamchatka West. 7.2 minimal up to 8.5 (these are purely guesses based on gut, not based on Dutchsinse type “EQ Math”

Yesterday, I published a massively important finding that Magma nucleation or activation is directly influenced by “Quiet Sun” using Moana Loa records back to the early 1800’s. This will potentially change the entire field of Earth Sciences””

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