2009: Hillary Clinton warned in a cable to French officials that research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology could lead to a “biological weapons proliferation concern.”

30 06 2021

State Dept. Hillary e-mail probe ratchets up

29 09 2019

Washington PostState Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton’s former aides

“As many as 130 officials have been contacted in recent weeks by State Department investigators — a list that includes senior officials who reported directly to Clinton as well as others in lower-level jobs whose emails were at some point relayed to her inbox, said current and former State Department officials. Those targeted were notified that emails they sent years ago have been retroactively classified and now constitute potential security violations, according to letters reviewed by The Washington Post.”

Zero HedgeClinton Emailers Rattled After State Department Fires Off ‘Culpability Letters’ For Homebrew Server Messages

Hillary’s Illegal Server’s “Security Plan” Outlined in FBI Interview

4 02 2017

The FBI interviewed the tech guy who set up Hillary’s bathroom server.

This is the plan for keeping top secret e-mails secure – [p. 154 in this PDF doc]


And Huma had unauthorized copies of the secret Benghazi e-mails and Hillary sent secret e-mail from State Dept. all over the universe on Yahoo.com mail and other unencrypted systems.
More on CF-Gate.

Laurens Battis says, “I’m reminded of Harvey Keitel’s classic line from American Treasure, “Somebody has to go to jail.” That will be Weiner.  Huma is Hillary’s pet; surrogate daughter. She’s protected.

The Clinton’s go off the radar for awhile; closure of CGI, &c.. Probably purchase prime real estate in the Maldives; non-extradition. Then attend select high-profile events, and Inaugurations every 4-years until their images are restored; history’s rewritten, MSM propagandized population are lulled to forgetfulness and history is ‘corrected’ to display a glittering Clinton legacy.
Very Orwellian.

PS: p154 of the FBI files on HRC, ‘Cyber-security Flow Chart’ is genuinely hilarious in a sick, sad, bad assumptions sort of a way.”

John Kerry ordered to keep intact e-mail sent to Hillary’s Illegal server

9 01 2017

Him and 19 State Dept. staffers (names blotted out) –



Download the whole document from the FBI FOIA docs page (5 of 5) – – PDF.Page 39.



  • On July 31, 2015 the FBI gave Hillary’s legal team the preservation letter (to keep e-mail intact) . Page 120 in the PDF.
  • On Aug. 16, 2015 they carted away 20 BOXES of Hillary mail. Page 120 in the PDF.

Did they read them all by now? Was 20 boxes all of it? Did that included the demanded computer logs and IP address info too?

We  ♥ ♥  LOVE  ♥ ♥ page 136:






30,000 ÷ 20 = 1,500 records per box

We know from tedious reading many Hillary e-mails are bounce-arounds that go on for pages as do her many press clippings.

Are the 20 boxes full of paper or do they have CDs and thumb-drives too?

F.B.I. Anon: To Bring Down CF Would Bring Down Whole U.S. Government

13 12 2016

We’re late in finding this important FBIanon transcript on Hillary Clinton crimes . . . .

from –

Download Video as MP4

LINK – https://youtu.be/RemRjppjEzw





LINK – http://youtu.be/5yz67oSytA8

NOTE: To find info on PizzaGate see the FC blog – https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/pizzagate/

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BREAKING: FBI RE-OPENS Hillary e-mail probe (!!!)

28 10 2016



H.A. Goodman –cuffsSM3 BREAKING NEWS WIKILEAKS 21: FBI Begins New Criminal Probe Into Clinton’s Emails After Podesta Hacked

LINK –  http://youtu.be/nx6KG3pLIc8

wiretap01NOTE: H. A. Goodman and others are on the left sidebar in “YouTube” section. Things are moving so fast You Tube may have news faster. Ditto twitter etc.

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Tracing the “Chicken Sacrifice” Hillary E-Mail

22 05 2016

"I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch"

So reads a line in an e-mail in the Hillary Clinton collection.
goatheadguy1We have the story behind the story as this item is getting some buzz on the internet and most of it is error-ridden.

Rumor Control:

The e-mail was not sent by Hillary Clinton or her sidekick, Cheryl Mills. It was sent by an even more self-serving, creep and sadistic personality, Lewis Amselem at the OAS. He sent it to Craig Kelly who sent it to Cheryl Mills. And then it wound up in the Hillary Clinton e-mail haystack.

The e-mail:

Case No. F-2014-20439   Doc. No. C05764911

Link – http://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14333
(view as PDF to see headers)

An interesting e-mail to SOS Clinton from Amselem on Hondorus
Lewis Amselem, the head of the U.S. delegation to the Organization of American States (OAS),
and his dealings for the US in regard to the coup in Honduras.in a email sent to SOS Clinton

Who is OAS’ Lewis Amselem?

US Ambassador Lew Amselem: A Ghoul from Horror Films Past  spider30
“Journalist Jeremy Bigwood, who was reporting from Guatemala during Amselem’s tenure there, remembers the diplomat for the same kind of outrageous behavior and statements over the years that he displayed yesterday in Washington. Amselem, according to Bigwood, “would put a positive spin on the extermination of a couple hundred thousand Guatemalan Indians. The guy should be sent to the International Criminal Court for abetting war crimes. He even arranged illegal supplies and airlifts to the Guatemalan Army after US military assistance had been banned. I can’t believe that he would be representing the Obama administration in the OAS.””

Obama’s Magical Surrealism in Honduras

Washington’s Magical Realism
Why then did the ruling elite and its military stage a [Honduras] coup and ultimately get Washington’s blessing? Because they thought they could get away with it — and they did.

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