DNC Rigged for Hillary – WikiLeaks has the smoking gun!

22 07 2016

The ObserverWikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: DNC Undermined Democracy
Gun_rt20,000 freshly leaked emails reveal resentful disdain toward Sanders, as party favored Clinton long before any votes were cast


LINK – http://youtu.be/FHsFMLDXhqk

BLUbullet  ALL THE E-MAILS from WikiLeaks

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Bombshell: FBI’s Comey is on the board of Clinton Foundation “doner”, HSBC

18 07 2016

LINK –  http://youtu.be/GABljOJYmXc

Boiling Frogs Post Spiro Reports – “Too Big to Jail”: The Revolving Doors- From HSBC to the Clintons

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Hillary re-writes her history on trade

16 07 2016

The Daily Mail [UK] Hillary deletes more than emails as the latest edition of her memoir removes all her cheerleading for controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
Hillary Clinton’s publisher removed a section of her memoir dealing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership from the book’s paperback version

LINK – http://youtu.be/j7ybT5oBAbQ

Hillary’s Free Pass

14 07 2016

The shame still lingers over the framing of Jules and Ethyl Rosenberg for violating the Espionage Act and their cruel electrocutions at the hands of the state. rosenberg Accused of passing TOP SECRET documents to Russians they were arrested and pressured separately to lie about each other. Their refusal to ‘cooperate’ with a frenzied FBI at the height of the cold war sealed their fate.

Besides setting Russia up with a huge supply of uranium Hillary broke the Espionage Act by passing classified docs around on her un-secured, no-password illegal private server. And she cannot claim “she didn’t know” about the classification levels since she went to the trouble of removing the headers with them.

CNN: Two government agencies flagged emails on Clinton’s server as containing classified information, the inspector general said, including some on “special access programs,” which are a subset of the highest “Top Secret” level of classification, but are under subject to more stringent control rules than even other Top Secret information.”

The classification of the 30,000 e-mails the FBI generously allowed her lawyers to delete is unknown.
Her crime is not an office slip-up as she likes to make us believe. She isn’t as stupid as to think wiping a server is the same as cleaning it with a cloth as she clumsily claimed under oath. She didn’t accidentally remove the classification headers on top secret items to share with staffers, chums and despotic governments who threw cash at her crooked foundation.

People have gone to the electric chair for this.

Is Trump the Cue Ball in Hillary’s Game of Dirty Pool?

13 07 2016

Is Trump being secretly fronted by Hillary to bust up the G.O.P. and allow Hillary to drive to the white house on cruise control?

We had a hint of this idea before in our post Hillary Plays Dirty Pool at Election Time – e-mail PROOF! and we heard the idea stated much better by the Sane Progressive‘s video.
She says, isn’t it suspicious that Trump gets 24/7 free tv coverage for a year and (after primaries) suddenly the coverage goes negative?

Looks like a total manipulation.

LINK – http://youtu.be/7jowhYJPgJU

FBI-Hillary interview lost; and the silence of the lambs

11 07 2016

Hilljail Comey ….Comey ….Comey …..

Jon Rappoport's Blog

FBI-Hillary interview lost; and the silence of the lambs

One more clue that the fix is in

by Jon Rappoport

July 11, 2016

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It’s unthinkable—but not surprising—that the FBI didn’t record their interview with Hillary Clinton.

We’re told the FBI has a policy, in most cases, of not recording interviews with suspects. If true, this case and this suspect should have been vital exceptions.

Among other matters, the Presidency of the United States is at stake.

Numerous press reports reveal that the FBI’s interview of Hillary Clinton was not recorded.

The interview took place just prior to FBI Director Comey recommending no prosecution for Hillary in the email scandal.

The New York Times: “Mr. Comey said he did not take part in the interview of Mrs. Clinton last Saturday. Five or six agents carried it out and…

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Clinton Foundation Raked in Cash from Right-Wing Regimes, Corporations

7 07 2016

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Source: Clinton Foundation Raked in Cash from Right-Wing Regimes, Corporations

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