US wildfires are what global warming really looks like, scientists warn

2 07 2012

From The Guardian  [UK] –

The Colorado fires are being driven by extreme temperatures, which are consistent with IPCC projections

Scorching heat, high winds and bone-dry conditions are fueling catastrophic wildfires in the US west that offer a preview of the kind of disasters that human-caused climate change could bring, a trio of scientists said on Thursday.

“What we’re seeing is a window into what global warming really looks like,” said Princeton University’s Michael Oppenheimer, a lead author for the UN’s climate science panel. “It looks like heat, it looks like fires, it looks like this kind of environmental disaster … This provides vivid images of what we can expect to see more of in the future.” . . . . (more)

Heat Waves and Climate Change

There has been a remarkable run of record-shattering heat waves in recent years, from the Russian heat wave of 2010 that set forests ablaze to the historic heat wave in Texas in 2011 and the “Summer in March” in the U.S. Midwest in 2012. These events typify the on-going trend driven by climate change. . . .

. . .  Climate change is already affecting extreme weather. The National Academy of Sciences reports that the hottest days are now hotter.  And the fingerprint of global warming behind this change has been firmly identified . . .


Timelapse videos of the massive Waldo Canyon Fire

Colorado wildfires seen from ISS