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29 09 2013


U.S. Commandos in 75 Countries Are Teaching Militaries to Torture, Kill, and Abuse Civilians

6 04 2013

By Robert Taylor

While aggressive war, drone strikes, and a global network of military bases are the most visible aspects of American hegemonic power, what is often overlooked is the U.S. policy of training, assisting, and subsidizing foreign militaries. Although these actions are largely covert and discreet, they serve the same purpose of hegemonic control, diminish peace and national security, and help contribute to the subjugation of foreign citizens.

The training of foreign militaries to serve the interests of the American state goes all the way back to at least the Cold War. The U.S. used taxpayer money and weapons to subsidize foreign governments and militaries that were “anti-communist” even if the regimes were incredibly brutal and ruthless. All an authoritarian had to do was refer to his political opponents as “communists” and the Americans came rushing in.

In nearly every continent, the U.S. taught extremely fascistic, right-wing governments the art of cracking down on domestic dissent, jailing and torturing political opponents, centralizing power, making deals beneficial to American corporations, and employing death squads. Cheaper and less visible than directly invading and overthrowing governments the U.S. didn’t like, sock puppet dictators were the preferred means of implementing policy. . . . (more)

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USA discovers human rights in oil-rich Libya

20 03 2011

Something is mighty fishy with this US sudden awareness of human rights in Libya.

The imperial  power that oozed praise on despots like Pinochet and Suharto suddenly cannot abide Gaddafi (their water carrier) in Libya. The World Socialist Website agrees ….

The World Socialist Web Site categorically opposes any military intervention in Libya. The drive toward war, which was given the green light by the UN Security Council on Thursday, has nothing to do with the humanitarian pretexts offered up by the major powers. Rather, it represents the violent imperialist subjugation of a former colony.

The bombing of Libya by French, British and American planes will not protect human life, but will transform the country into a battlefield with thousands of innocent victims. This is an imperialist war. Libya is an oppressed, former colonial country. The WSWS rejects fundamentally and in all circumstances military attacks by imperialist powers on such countries. . .   (more)

” . . .  A military presence in Libya, which is bordered by Egypt to the east and Tunisia to the west, would help the major powers to intimidate revolutionary movements throughout the Arab world. . . “

“Party Crashers” story distracts from US takeover of Honduras

1 12 2009
As usual when the spooks and goonsquads from the Pentagon decide to do something dirty the US media dutifully ignors it. They even create the smokescreen….

From the Narco News

Honduras to Have “Free and Fair” Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights

Sunday’s Vote to Take Place Under a Cloud of Intimidation, Torture, Illegal Detentions and in Extreme Cases, Assassinations

By Tamar Sharabi
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS, NOVEMBER 27, 2009:   The National Front Against the Coup D’état has taken many different approaches to overthrowing the de facto government. On June 28 when people were scheduled to vote on the non-binding referendum, it was word of mouth that brought people to the presidential palace, in confusion and with conviction. The very first night the country was put under curfew.

Within one week, farmer’s organizations, teachers unions, indigenous groups, students and also people without any affiliation organized and came together on July 5 for the largest march the country had ever seen. Soon people would begin to strategically close down major highways, occupy national institutions and temporarily even close down ports. While the activities have had an eclectic mix of participation, depending on the atmosphere of repression, there are some people who have made it a priority never to miss a day despite the obvious risks…..(more)