Keeping up with the Korruptians – Hunter Biden’s Laptop Updates 💻

28 04 2022



Here’s the 5 laptop reveals the GOP will want Joe and Hunter Biden to explain

  • “Hunter Biden’s suspicious business dealings with foreign nationals in countries opposed to U.S. interests and the effects on U.S. national security interests.”
  • “Joe Biden’s potential financial gain from and role in facilitating Hunter Biden’s business dealings.”
  • “Hunter Biden profiting during Joe Biden’s time as Senator and Vice President.”
  • “Hunter Biden’s newly found career as an artist and the White House’s secret agreement shielding the identities of individuals purchasing Hunter’s art.”
  • “Big Tech’s censorship of an October 2020 New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s laptop.”


You can now download all of the laptop e-mails thanks to telegram channel Marco Polo.

Podcast – Marco Polo: Report on the Hunter Biden Laptop






Did the NY Times’ acknowledging Hunter Biden’s crime life signal the banksters are about to jettison Joe?

22 03 2022

We aren’t the only ones thinking this . . . 

After lying their heads off about Hunter Biden’s laptop for months the CIA/Pentagon/White House/Wall Street-connected “paper of record” suddenly did an about face.  Nothing they do is impulsive slip up stuff so there must be some plan behind the move.

Many are concluding the banker class has had it with Senile Joe and are going to get rid of him one way or another very soon. Like before the mid-terms. Maybe earlier . . .  to avoid economic collapse or WWIII. Or both.

Are indictments on the way? 

Stay tuned . . . 

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Ukraine fun bag: Hunter Biden, Nazis, Soros

6 03 2022

We notice the western media is leaving out a few things from their reporting on Ukraine (besides their years of shelling Russian neighbors). They won’t talk about Hunter Biden and pa’s dirty deals with bribe-hander-outer, Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings. They neglect to mention Ukraine’s Nazis or how the US CIA is funding them and egging them on. They forgot about the Soros sponsored 2014 coup.

■ Nazis

How Israel is arming Ukrainian Nazis – #40

Earlier post about Ukraine’s Nazis


How and why the U.S. Government Perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine

■  Earlier posts about Hunter’s laptop

Lots more






Hunter Biden’s 2nd Laptop is Missing

12 08 2021

Video reportedly shows nude Hunter Biden saying another laptop with ‘crazy’ sex acts was stolen from him

Daily Mail [UK] –
‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops


More stories –


Let’s talk about China’s “influence” on US leaders

10 12 2020

We thought this issue was about sleazy Joe Biden and Hunter’s laptop that showed China’s CPP had Joe in its hip pocket.

We have a lot of items on the infamous laptop on the 971 Blog.

We had an earlier story about Glenn Greenwald covering the laptop story and getting censored over the story. And we have this post – Glenn Greenwald Resigns from “The Intercept” Because of Censorship of his Joe & Hunter Biden Article; Greenwald Co-founded “The Intercept” in 2013

He has a new item out that deserves wide reading:

The Hunter Biden Criminal Probe Bolsters a Chinese Scholar’s Claim About Beijing’s Influence With the Biden AdministrationProfessor Di Dongsheng says China’s close ties to Wall Street and its dealings with Hunter both enable it to exert more power now than it could under Trump.

” . . China’s ability to get its way in Washington has long depended upon its numerous powerful Wall Street allies. But those allies, he said, had difficulty controlling Trump, but will exert virtually unfettered power over Biden. “


And we see this news making the rounds . . . CNN’s Fareed Zakaria turns out to be a CCP stooge.

Clarion News

“The conference, themed “Huge Shake-up, Big Test, Great Cooperation: China’s New Journey toward Modernization and Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind,” argued for increased cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and the broader world.”



Did the Intercept Force Glenn Greenwald Out to Keep Him from Covering the Vote-Count-Crimes?

6 11 2020

Just Askin’ . . . .

Weeks before election day big tech starts an internet purge of Q anon discussion forums, blogs, twitter and facebook accounts. The same happens for large indy media conservative platforms and Trump supporters.

 Oct. 29 Glenn Greenwald resigns from the outlet he founded because of gross censorship of his report on Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s graft grabbing.

 Days before election day MSM and the largest internet platforms refuse to cover the biggest news in the United Sates, that candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden collected graft from the CCP and from crooks in Ukraine.

 It gets revealed the Biden campaign is boosted by India with faked followers on social media.

 Nov. 3rd, election day – MSM and the largest internet platforms not only continue censoring the sizzling hot laptop story – they ignore Joe Biden’s late campaigning flubs and the no-show audiences.

 Vote counting is suspended before Trump supporting states can tally votes. Election in limbo and MSM acts like it is normal. Foreign press in an uproar.  Trump complains on live tv and is cut off. Daily Mail scrubs the report on his being cut off by television networks.

Glenn Grennwald wasn’t even reporting on Joe Biden’s murder of John Wheeler.




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Hunter Biden’s Tattoo

3 11 2020

Mind Control Missile Murder Madness blog has the eerie story of Hunter Biden’s tattoo of upstate New York’s Finger Lakes: BLACK MIRROR IMAGE


Anons look up Finger Lakes LLCs and discover mess of money laundering, including a diplomatic shipping company, Disney, China…