How Many in U.S. are Disaster-Homeless Since Sept. 2018?

4 12 2018

Hurricane Michael, then Florence then the California fire swarm in November – where are all these adrift, displaced people now? 

We got this link from the US Census office –

Why were trapped survivors of Hurricane Michael left to die?

18 10 2018

Volunteers searching for 1,135 people in Florida: Authorities say it will still take weeks to repair downed lines to reconnect customers
“VOLUNTEERS”?? How about paid professionals looking 24/7?


In small inland town of Fountain, Florida this man says no one bothered to come through his community to check if people were alive for 5 days.

FEMA just spent a fortune on the simulated hurricane Cora exercise – and they have a budget of 13 billion. Where is FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force? Why are they using “volunteers”? The Urban Search and Rescue Task Force has fancy stuff like “seismic listening devices (Delsar)” so deploy it already.

This item from the Georgia National Guard describes them stumbling across a survivor … but they weren’t even looking for survivors, they were delivering supplies. In that case it looks like no one was looking. Again that man had been not-looked-for for a week(!).

The Florida National Guard should be equipped to search at night. Their (defunct) website shows all the “stuff” they have. The trapped people should have been rescued by now. They seem to be tasked with clearing roads and distributing vital supplies. “He [David Passey, FEMA spokesman] said in the short term, the goal is to “get the debris removed from the area so emergency food and water can get in and the local supply chain – grocery stores, hardware stores – can get back in and do their thing.”

The efforts described in this Oct. 12 news report describe all big agencies rushing to look for survivors, using drones and helicopters etc. But that commitment seems short lived according to interviews with residents. This picture from Oct. 11 shows National Guard working after dark.

The hashtag “AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere” touted on the National Guard twitter feed has no entries after 2017. Sounds more like #MaybeReadyThereLastYear.

With so many thousands made homeless across the southeast by hurricanes Michael and Florence and their tropical storm tails we will be following the  desperation increase and the action/inaction taken by all-in-one agencies like FEMA.


ALSO – Hurricane Florence – We are watching FEMA head, Brock Long