Arrests at The Sun Relate to Murders of Stephen Hilder, Dr. David Kelly and Faked Evidence Used to Justify Iraq War

13 03 2012

The arrest of Rebekah Brooks by Scotland Yard today may yield big news shortly.


Assassinations of Jurgen Möllemann & Stephen Hilder Helped Set Up That of Dr. David Kelly

and this SUN article –

POLICE probing the murder of a skydiver [Hilder]  who plunged 13,000ft to the ground are to question revellers who attended an airbase fancy dress party the night before.

See ALSO related articles by Trowbridge H. Ford on our right sidebar. These murders relate to the Mossad, various British spooks and the firmament of British journalism. It is all unraveling now.

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British Court to Re-examine (WMD whistleblower) David Kelly’s Death – UPDATE: They Kill It

19 12 2011

New Inquiry by Britain’s High court tomorrow

As told to –   Trowbridge H. Ford

Jürgen Möllemann was killed when it was feared that he would make a big deal of the Mossad having used a single sourse, Curveball, to go after Saddam’s alleged WMD – what the BND (German Bundesnachrichtendienstes ) had provided the Americans from the unreliable drunk without any confirmation – and the crazies in Washington had used to oust the Iraqi dictator.

While Bush had announced, thanks to this disinformation, at the end of May 2003 that the weapons of mass destruction had been found, the Mossad and the BND knew that they were in big trouble, especially since no-nonsense investigator David Kay had just been appointed to get to the bottom on the troubling tale.

The Germans knew that Möllemann was bound to make a big deal out of the matter when Kay reported it, so they and the Mossad got rid of him by cutting the straps on his main parachute, leading to his death on June 5, 2003.

When David Kelly joined the controversy when he told his line handler at the MoD that he was the source talking to the BBC’s Andy Gilligan, questioning the claims about Saddam having the same weapons, parachutist Stephen Hilder was killed in essentially the same way, making it look like such rare accidents are quite common, and hoping to dilute interest in what happened to Möllemann.

When this seemed to be happening, the Mossad kidon, it seems, killed Kelly on the night of July 17, 2003.

Being state-sponsored murders, it is hardly surprising that none of them have been solved in the slightest. The Möllemann and Hilder deaths are simply unexplained, and Kelly’s is being considered again by a judge of Britain’s High court tomorrow as to whether there should be a new inquest into his killing.

Links added  for background info on the parachute mysteries – F.C.

Addendum –

The German BND ( Bundesnachrichtendienstes ) took out Möllemann because the government and it were divided over Saddam’s alleged WMD.  The government voted against the resolution, calling for his ouster, though it passed because there were enough votes in the SC without it.  With the finding by Kay – what showed that Curveball should not have been believed by anyone, and Jürgen going to make a political comeback in spades because of it – the BND gave the green light to his killing, most likely by the Mossad which cut the straps on Hilder’s parachute too.


They kill the new inquiry.

Dr David Kelly inquest ruling challenge fails


Feb. 14 – Trowbridge H. Ford writes:

Readers may be interested to know that the Metropolitan police arrested last week five leaders of The Sun newspaper, the Dominc Wilsons, and an unnamed Surrey police officer.

The arrests seems to revive official interest in the murder of Dr. David Kelly.  Mrs. Kate Wilson was the Ministry of Defence’s Chief Press Officer at the time, and she and its Director of News Pam Teare worked out the details of a Question and Answer scheme for disclosing who had told the BBC’s Andrew Gilligan about Iraq’s alleged WMD during the period from July 4-9, 2003.

It seems that her husband Dominic, the privale secretary for the MoD’s permanent secretary Sir Kevin Tebbit, informed Rupert Murdoch’s Sun about what was afoot, and it hired the Surrey policeman to give it the eavesdropping ability of wireless communications to determine what was going on.  The Murdoch papers took the lead in outing Kelly – what resulted in his public humiliation, and subsequent murder.

The only problem is that a Sun reporter at the time, Sean Hoare, knew about what was going on, telling first reporters for The New York Times and then The Guardian, and then the Metropolitan police about what had gone on – resulting in his murder in July 2011. 

Now it seems that the Met, after the forced resignations of corrupt Chief Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and his associate John Yates just after Hoare’s murder in the hope of limiting the most damaging blowback, has revived the possibility of finding out who killed Kelly, and why unless this is just another dead end.

What may determine what results lies in the hands of Pam Teare, Kate’s former boss, and now an important official in the Crown Prosecution Service:
Will she promote going after Kelly’s killers at this late date, or will she just cover it up again?
In the meantime, I am writing a long article about the whole mess.

Emphasis ours. The next installment will be posted here. Stay tuned – F.C.

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