US at Defcon 3 🚀

7 01 2020



The US May Regret Libya and Iraq Assassinations

7 08 2014

Watching events unfold across the oil rich nations of the middle east we should remember men like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi had no tolerance for religious zealots running around in their countries. It seems Washington D.C. is awash with religious zealots these days.

They have brought ruin on the continent of Africa.

These come to mind –


Iran TV: Israel masses US air base

3 05 2011

Iran TV: Israel masses US air base.

well, hell.

They have a bunch of fighter aircraft getting ready to ….?

Check  for updates on this.

Harold Pinter’s scathing lecture (reprise)

6 10 2009

His banned 2005 Nobel Prize lecture still resonates