The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

10 08 2019

With Explosive Pedo Client Knowledge – We Ask Will Jeffrey Epstein Live to See a Trial?

10 07 2019


Think of the desperate, super-powerful people who would benefit from not being revealed as the monsters they are.

What media stories on the Kennedy assassination won’t mention – Our little list

16 11 2013
  • Oswald in Russia
  • Oswald and the U2 program
  • Spooks and the U2 program
  • The US embassy in Mexico doings
  • KBR in the Gulf of Mexico and heroin trafficking there
  • The New Orleans mob
  • Johnson’s personal (Vietnam) war profiteering
  • Texas war profiteering
  • Jack Ruby’s affiliation with the Dallas (bribe taking) police
  • The deaths of the women who worked for Jack Ruby at his club
  • Other deaths of associated people starting that day
  • Where the Secret Service partied the night before their biggest fail (Jack Ruby’s club)
  • The CIAs habit of frequent assassinations
  • The Z-path the Warren Commission says the bullet took
  • The bullet found perfectly clean on a stretcher at Parkland (just like the passport found on top of WTC rubble in perfect condition)
  • The other bullet marks pointed out by witnesses and removed by FBI
  • The rapid rise in career paths of key “reporters” who ignored the  figures on the grassy knoll
  • The famous, clumsily faked photo of Oswald holding the gun
  • The movie theater incident (Oswald arrest)
  • The illegal kidnapping of the president’s body (hijacked to Washington)
  • The harassment of everybody looking into the assassination
  • Jack Ruby’s plea to get away from Texas before he was died in custody there
  • Walter Cronkite getting phoned-in complete profile of Oswald on the air (before Fax machines etc.)
  • The public venue for the assassination mirroring mob style of killing
  • Heroin-Vietnam war connection (mob & CIA merger)
  • The slow speed of the motorcade at the Texas Book Depository
  • The security fails that could only happen with the highest level of cooperation
  • The masses of people skeptical of the official story who were ignored
  • Kaddafi questioning the official story before the UN and then being hunted, tortured, raped and killed
  • J Edgar Hoover denying there was mob activity all through his career
  • The subsequent public assassinations of King and Bobby Kennedy
  • Spooks’ dirty tricks and murders
  • Mobbed up MCA (early Reagan backer) connected to Jack Ruby
  • The murder of John Jr. to keep him from office

Oliver Stone backs us up in USA Today Op-Ed item – Oliver Stone: JFK conspiracy deniers are in denial