Massive Black Smoke Cloud at Fukushima

16 07 2014

Since they stopped attempts to cool the wrecked fuel pools at Fukushima Daiichi over a week ago things are deteriorating rapidly there in recent hours.

From the JNN Live Cam






LATER – on another cam:


M4.6 quake hits Fukushima



US Knows Where the Fukushima Corium Is – RadChick

7 05 2014


Breaking: Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in Emergency Shut down

16 07 2011

Emergency after emergency in the nuke news these days ….

From the NY Times

Japan Operator Shutting Down Nuclear Reactor After Malfunction

TOKYO — Japan’s second-largest nuclear operator said Saturday that it was manually shutting down a reactor in central Japan after a technical malfunction.

 No radiation had leaked from the No. 1 Reactor at the Oi Nuclear Power Plant, on the Japan Sea coast, about 250 miles west of Tokyo, said Yoshihiko Kondo, a spokesman for the plant’s operator, Kansai Electric Power.

Mr. Kondo said that a loss of pressure had been detected late Friday in an accumulator tank needed to cool the reactor core in an emergency, forcing the utility to shut down the reactor. Workers will begin the shutdown at 1 p.m. Saturday in Japan, and shutdown will be complete by 9 p.m., he said. . .  (more)

Live Stream at Fukushima Daiichi: looks bad

7 07 2011

Well, it could be a lot of cool sea-coast fog – but it looks like spooky THICK radioactive steam boiling up out of the destroyed reactor(s).  See for yourself –

Live streaming  cameras overlooking Fukushima Daiichi: 
[ more camera views available at Lucas Whitefield Hixon‘s blog –   ]

Nutty Japan Wants to Start Up Problematic Monju Nuke Plant

28 06 2011

By 2014 they want to  make  plutonium from nuclear waste there!


[snip]  “. . .  Japan Atomic Energy Agency hopes to resume test runs of the reactor at 40 percent of its output capacity as soon as possible, aiming for full operation by the end of March 2014. Concerns have been expressed that because the Monju reactor is to produce plutonium from nuclear waste, were it to experience a leak accident, the hazards could be significant.” 

Fukushima Kids as Subjects of Radiation Research (???)

23 06 2011


Radiation in Japan: Children as Subjects of Radiation Research?

Some anecdotes I picked up from Japanese blogs and tweets about Fukushima Prefecture that seems to agree with what Professor Kunihiko Takeda of Chubu University has been saying all along, that schools are forcing children to be exposed to more radiation. I do not vouch for accuracy.

At one school in Aizu City, if parents want their children to have the physical education class indoors, they have to petition the school. The school knows very well that many parents are intimidated to ask for a “special” treatment for their children. The default PE class is outdoors.

Some schools and kindergartens are having the parents sign a consent form to let their children play on the schoolyards, and use the consent as some sort of endorsement for “safety” when someone questions the wisdom.

Some junior high schools say they will give students who skip the outdoor PE class the lowest grade, even if that significantly lower the grade point average for the seniors trying to get into good high schools.

School principals in Fukushima are trying hard to persuade parents not to remove their children from the schools.

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Thom Hartmann Second Japan Nuke more dangerous than Fukushima

22 06 2011





UPDATE, June 23

Monju: The In-Vessel Transfer Machine Has Been Pulled Out
Amazing! They managed to not smash up the plant and make another nuclear disaster!

This counts as an improvement!

Monju: They Will Try to Pull Out the In-Vessel Transfer Machine on June 23 

That’s TODAY! Just after that 6.7 QUAKE!