Japan Tsunami Debris Invasion Dire

2 02 2013

We have been updating our Tsunami Debris page and new reports from British Columbia and Alaska are alarming.

See this from NBC (has shocking video) –

Styrofoam from Japan tsunami causing fears for Alaska wildlife


Approaching Tsunami Debris is 3 Times Size of US

9 06 2012

From ABC News –

 Japan Tsunami Debris: Under Control or on the Brink of Disaster


Scientists estimate that the mass of debris from the Japanese earthquake making its way to the United States and Canadian coastlines is three times the size of the U.S.

While the government says the situation is under control, some experts insist there is no solid plan for “an event that is unprecedented in history.” . . . (more)

More Tsunami Debris news

Japan Tsunami Debris Now Hitting North America in Large Amounts

2 05 2012

Although drips and drabs of small flotsam from Japan have been reported washing up in Alaska and British Columbia  in the past weeks things are rapidly changing.

The steady stream of floating debris is arriving more than a year ahead of what officials claimed.  The trash that is claimed to be 100% free of radiation (after spending months awash in radioactive sea water) caused enough concern recently to make the US Coast Guard cannon-fire a derelict vessel into sinking.  They didn’t board it, tow it or pump the fuel off it.  A compliant press accepts their reasoning that seas were too rough and the USCG doesn’t know how to tow a small ship.

Ringed Seals and Polar bears up that way are dying of unknown causes with lesions and hair loss first.

We don’t buy the non-radioactive debris description.

Now the big stuff is coming (See today’s entries on our Tsunami Debris page). Containers, intact and partial boats, boxes and other huge debris may become a norm for small beach towns that have no budget for debris removal and no education on how to handle radioactive waste.  They will need help from their respective nations.

Concerned beach town residents need to know about the newly formed Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Joint Information Center at http://disasterdebris.wordpress.com/. It will serve as a resource for both Canada and US communities to get help with this massive problem.

The trivial information in the press about this issue is shameful. Major media outlets and leading newspapers dote on the debris as if it is a message-in-a-bottle and how fortunate we are to get these little artifacts from poor Japan washing up. Can we locate the owner? Isn’t he glad to get his soccer ball back? “Wow!”, a Harley!

The press isn’t lazy. They are complicit in covering up every radiation danger story since the Windscale disaster in England. The lead taken by the crème de la press is followed by all the rest.  This looming international disaster will continue to get covered as a minor human interest story.

It’s like finding a scale from Godzilla’s back in Times Square and not bothering to  look up. – F.C.

Short Link to our Debris Tracking page – http://wp.me/pA5vn-17K

Japan Tsunami Debris Could Reach Hawaii in Days

29 02 2012

the Telegraph –

Japanese tsunami debris ‘to reach Hawaii in next few days’


We just updated our Tsunami Debris Tracking page F.C.

More updates will go there as the story  continues.  Other Fukushima related news is on our sidebar.

Reminder: We are STILL tracking the floating Japan tsunami debis field

1 02 2012

As the debris field approaches North America there have been many updates.

We are continuously updating  our tsunami debris tracking page with the latest news.

It is also linked from our “Fukushima Info” page.

The short link for it is   http://wp.me/pA5vn-17K


Is Fukushima Radiation from Tsunami Debris Killing the Seals in Vancouver??

3 01 2012

Just updated our Tsunami Debris Tracking post with this sad item –

Seals, walruses… now “unprecedented” number of sea turtle deaths in Vancouver Island says oceanographer

” . . . Ebbesmeyer says scientists are already hypothesizing about the effects of mass amounts of debris traveling through the Pacific Ocean’s currents. He points to an unprecedented number of sea turtles washing up on Vancouver Island. . .  “


UPDATE from Reality Check –

Tissue from sick seals to be tested

More here later when we get the update – F.C.


NEW – Tsunami Debris Tracking Map from Canada

31 12 2011

Google Maps Canada has a new map of Japan’s floating tsunami debris with live updates.


This map was promoted by The Province  newspaper.

“Now, The Province is offering an interactive map on its web-site where readers can post the sites where they find Japanese debris. Simply log on to theprovince.com/debris and follow the instructions.”

(theprovince.com/debris link redirects to the google map page)



This link was just added to our Debris Tracking page – http://wp.me/pA5vn-17K