BREAKING – – Report: Sandusky ‘Pimped Out’ Boys + UPDATES

16 11 2011

From The Daily Beast

A sportswriter claimed on Thursday that former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who has been charged with more than 40 counts of sexual abuse, “pimped out” young boys to wealthy donors. While Mark Madden did not offer any facts to back up the claim, he wrote six months ago about Sandusky’s alleged sex crimes in the Beaver County Times, long before they were on anyone else’s radar. Madden also suggested on Thursday that Sandusky, who retired in 1999, was actually forced to leave his job “in exchange for a cover up.” Police had investigated Sandusky in 1998 for allegedly molesting a boy but did not prosecute him.

This is an unconfirmed RUMOR so far.

But it is not the only news outlet hinting at a boy-pimp-ring on the PA campus. Chimimg in is this is Forbes contributor Susan Murphy-Milano. She writes in her op-ed column “The Tornado at Penn State” –

An adult, in a distinguished social position of prominence and public trust, Jerry Sandusky, is accused of engaging in serial predatory sexual activities with minor children spanning decades for the purpose of his own sexual gratification and addiction, and possibly offered the sexual favors of children to others. . .


UPDATE   Nov. 21

Penn State Scandal: 10 Unanswered Questions

By  Johnie Freatman

In the wake of the most horrific sports scandal in recent memory, the public outrage toward Penn State has been matched perhaps only by a desire to know more . . .

 . . . yeah! He asks the questions all of us are asking.


Does Anyone Have a Gun?? Penn State powerless to keep Sandusky off campus

16 11 2011

So Pervet State is keeping relevant documents on their Titanic scandal SECRET

 and they are going to appoint a Blue Ribbon panel of THEMSELVES to investiage THEMSELVES…

and they let an accused  serial child rapist out with NO  conditions and NO fraction of bail posted (talk about “Get Out of Jail FREE”!!!)


In her bail ruling, Judge Leslie Dutchot [ pal of pervert farm ‘Second Mile’ trustees ]  ordered the former defensive coordinator not to have any contact with minors, witnesses or alleged victims.

The ruling placed no restrictions on his travel [!!!]


On the ‘Boys Club’ and Penn State Pedofile Story

9 11 2011

There are excellent items on the web about this  –

Penn State should forfeit final 3 games

Penn State scandal casts much-needed spotlight on child sex abuse


and from Great Bend, Kansas this is very good –

By Jim Misunas 

Penn State fails miserably

” . . . Some unidentified Penn State official canceled Paterno’s chance to talk publicly.
It couldn’t have been the athletic director — he’s under grand jury charges for perjury and failure to report a crime to child protective services.
It couldn’t have been Penn State’s vice president of finance and business — he’s under grand jury charges for perjury and failure to report a crime to child protective services.
It might have been Penn State’s president — last we knew he hasn’t been charged with anything other than poor judgment. He’s the guy who threw his support behind two employees accused of lying to a grand jury. He’s also been fired.
But it didn’t really matter because Paterno has nothing to say. He’s stayed silent for nine years. What’s another couple of days. . .  ”   (more)


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