Standby: Biden to address “National Security” at 4 pm EST (or 5 pm on Joe-time)

15 09 2021

He is slipping in the polls … time for an “emergency” –







The Kabul Airport ✈- Owned by Joe

17 08 2021

Daily Mail [UK] –
Armed Taliban fighters surround Kabul airport and take control of ALL access points leaving US and UK troops to negotiate who gets in – as desperate ex-Marine commando blasts British Army after his wife go missing in the scrum


Brits ‘crushed in stampede’ in race against time to flee Afghanistan before Taliban seizes Kabul airport







On Fauci Virus and 9-11

18 07 2021

Housatonic – Did 911 make Biden and Lederberg and Clinton sad? Were they planning something else ?



Senile pretender POTUS thinks today is July 4

2 07 2021

‘I want to talk about happy things, man, it’s July 4‘: Biden snaps at reporters asking about Afghanistan and says he will only answer ‘legitimate questions’ as last US soldiers are flown out of Bagram and Taliban take swathes of country








Biden Bombs in Geneva

16 06 2021





Pedo-Joe drools over child in the audience

29 05 2021


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Sleepy Joe Scolds Russia Over Russia-Gate Fantasy

15 04 2021

He is almost an hour late to his own presser . . .


And . . . Putin closes off access to Black Sea after Biden’s about-face on Ukraine