Slouching towards nuclear war/world war

30 06 2022

Idiot-in-Chief makes inflammatory address

He is an hour and 10 minutes late.

The US refused to comply with the Minsk Accords they signed onto.

Russia repeatedly invited the US to new meetings about the accords after the US went out of compliance.

Russia has repeatedly warned the US about funding and arming foreign nations who are attacking Russia and Russian speaking people in Ukraine.

Finland (newly supported by the US) participated in the siege of Stalingrad and is well remembered by Russia.


[Opinion] How long can the world expect Russia to stand by and be attacked by the US without counter-attacking?

US policy . . .






Standby: Senile Joe tries to hide out in Menlo, Iowa (pop. under 400) to make address on how Ethanol ⛽ will save the day on high gas prices.

12 04 2022

It looks like he will speak after 4 pm EST – FC

Des Moines Register
“A handful of businesses are located in Menlo, including Menlo Cafe and Rolling Hills Bank & Trust. A Poet ethanol plant is located near Menlo. That’s where President Joe Biden is expected to visit.
Can the public attend President Biden’s event?
The White House has not released any information about how the public can attend the event.
Is Joe Biden popular in Iowa?
Iowa has never been kind to Biden.”

His big announcement –

“The president will direct the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to use an emergency waiver to allow summer sales of gasoline with 15% ethanol, called E15, to help boost fuel supplies …”

We will put the video up here when we find it – FC

The official statement (entire)

Press Secretary Jen Psaki Gaggle Aboard Air Force One En Route Des Moines, IA


We wonder how expects to get to the venue without being followed …



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Did the NY Times’ acknowledging Hunter Biden’s crime life signal the banksters are about to jettison Joe?

22 03 2022

We aren’t the only ones thinking this . . . 

After lying their heads off about Hunter Biden’s laptop for months the CIA/Pentagon/White House/Wall Street-connected “paper of record” suddenly did an about face.  Nothing they do is impulsive slip up stuff so there must be some plan behind the move.

Many are concluding the banker class has had it with Senile Joe and are going to get rid of him one way or another very soon. Like before the mid-terms. Maybe earlier . . .  to avoid economic collapse or WWIII. Or both.

Are indictments on the way? 

Stay tuned . . . 

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Joe threatens China, gets smack-down

19 03 2022

Senile Joe made a phone call to Xi in China to bully them into cooling their new bromance with Russia.
Totally backfired.

Feb. 24 – Standby: Senile Joe to speak today at 1:30 p.m. (EST) to threaten Russia with flyswatter

China never accepts US coercion on Ukraine, will take strong countermeasures if interests of Chinese companies, individuals violated
China will never accept US threats and coercion, and if the US takes measures that harm China’s legitimate interests and the interests of Chinese enterprises and individuals, China will not sit idly by and will make a strong response, the official stressed, noting the US should not have any illusions or miscalculations about this.”

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT






EXTRA! EXTRA! Russia cancels Hunter, Hillary and Joe! 📰

15 03 2022

Russia Imposes Sanctions Against Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton, Other Top US Officials

“Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that this move comes in response to a “series of unprecedented sanctions” that include barring top Russian government officials from entering the United States.

After the United States imposed sanctions against Russia over the current situation in Ukraine, Moscow has now responded with personal sanctions of its own, directed at the top US government officials.”





Biden Provokes Russia with Act of War

9 03 2022

Daily Mail [UK] – 

Biden sends two Patriot missile batteries to Poland after calling plan to send all their MIG-29 jets to Ukraine ‘unworkable’: VP Harris will arrive in Warsaw today as ‘hand-to-hand’ combat breaks out in Kyiv suburbs 

Russia has repeatedly said they will counter the US if they get attacked by any NATO countries.

“US European Command (EUCOM) Spokesperson Captain Adam Miller announced that the US will send 2 Patriot air defense system missile batteries to Poland to counter any threat to the US and its NATO allies during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

US sending 2 Patriot missile batteries to Poland: Statement
Deployment ‘being conducted proactively to counter any potential threat to US and Allied forces,’ says EUCOM spokesman


In Preparation for No-fly Zone [‼] in Poland, U.S. Sends PATRIOT SAM Batteries to the Country

A No-Fly Zone is an act of war.

US, Allies Sending Weapons to Ukraine from Secret Airfield in Eastern Europe

The fact that the US is supporting NATO, and the fact that NATO is actually supporting Ukraine, proves that Vladimir Putin was right all along: he cannot allow NATO forces to circulate around Ukraine.

Another provocation.

(Mar. 7) Russia’s invasion raises short-term consequences for Poland’s defence capabilities

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Standby – Senile Joe address on blocking more gas imports ⛽

8 03 2022

“President Biden will announce a ban on Russian energy imports Tuesday after a bipartisan coalition in Congress threatened to force his hand to punish Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden was expected to formally announce the restrictions in a 10:45 a.m. address from the Roosevelt Room of the White House.”

10:45 EST is 11:45 ⏱ dementia time ….

That’ll fix everything. He is also supposed to meddle with cryptocurrency today.


” . . . Hold Russia Accountable” … um-hmmm. Maybe he should explain why he walked away from the Minsk Accords and why he rebuffed two or three weeks of overtures from Russia to set up binding agreements dealing with Russia’s security. And why he funds crazy Nazis next door to Russia.


Executive Order on Prohibiting Certain Imports and New Investments With Respect to Continued Russian Federation Efforts to Undermine the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine

“Sec. 3. Nothing in this order shall prohibit transactions for the conduct of the official business of the Federal Government or the United Nations (including its specialized agencies, programs, funds, and related organizations) by employees, grantees, or contractors thereof.”


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